The January blues are no longer an excuse. It’s time to get outside and get active… and maybe restart those New Years resolutions. How are we motivating the team? The return of The February Walkathon.


Strutting our stuff


Following it’s success last year we’re kickstarting our February with another fundraising walkathon. We’ve split the team into six groups, who go head to head in the bid to walk the furthest and donate £1000+ to their chosen charity. Last year we managed an incredible 4323 miles – that’s the equivalent to walking from Brighton to Puerto Rico (if you could walk on the ocean.)

In true aip style we’ve gamified the competition to the max, creating our very own Google Looker Studio dashboard. Incentivising the teams by setting their steps against one another. We’ve even pulled data against last years results to find our ‘most improved’ strutter. So far our steps have taken us an estimated 1240 miles – that’s the distance between our office in Brighton and Sofia!


Anything is Possible Looker Studio - Walkathon


Our Walkathon dashboard is inspired by the data visualisation we do for our clients. Mirroring the way we think about client performance data. It’s helped us think about how we can apply the same principles from our walking to our working. Want to track along with us? View our live dashboard here.

Some of the team take it more seriously than others getting in laps of the office to hit even scores… But we say some healthy competitiveness is always good. It’s great to see the whole team come together and make a real effort to get outside and get their steps in.


Good for the mind and soul


In a fast paced agency such as ours it can sometimes be difficult to peel yourself away from your screen. Getting some fresh air and a quick walk in can make a huge difference to your day and general mental health. We always encourage our team to step away from their desks during lunch and welcome them to take breaks whenever they need them. Ultimately we want them to enjoy their time in the office and do the best work possible – as we all know sometimes that means leaving a task and coming back to it when your head is clearer.

Activities like this are great for bringing our team together, boosting office morale and building a real sense of community within our business. Our yearly walkathon is part of our Fitness is Possible regime which we run throughout the year, holding a variety of sports and team building activities. We hope you feel inspired to initiate more fitness in your workplace. Its a lot of fun! Go get your walking shoes on and join us.

Who knows where will this years walkathon will take us. Stay tuned to find out. And may the best team win!