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Anything is Possible’s GPT solutions are tailored to help you overcome the media, tech and creative challenges of different industries, including eCommerce, tourism, finance, FMCG, and retail.

If you’d like us to help build your business a GPT or run an AI training session for your team, just get in touch on the form below.

Meanwhile, click into the tools below and give them your marketing challenges.

What seems impossible for you today? Tell our GPTs your troubles and they’ll prove you wrong.

Stack of screenshots showing the AiP GPTs in use
Icon of a goat

The Possiblist

An optimist sees a glass half-full, a pessimist sees it half-empty, but a possiblist fills it up to the brim. Give us a challenge and we’ll tell you how a Possiblist would solve it!

The Possibilist GPT

Agency tools & assistants

Icon displaying a page with a tick

Landing Page Optimiser

Upload your landing page, and we’ll tell you how a user will engage with it and how you can increase conversion rates.

Landing Page Optimiser GPT
An icon of a monitor with a scientific flask

Advertising A/B Testing Tool

Sometimes the hardest part of optimisation is knowing what to test. This GPT will recommend some testing approaches to help improve your advertising campaigns.

Advertising A/B Testing Tool GPT
Icon of a mouse pointer icon

Ad Creative Analyser

Upload two adverts, your objective and your audience, and we’ll recommend what will work best to engage the right people.

Ad Creative Analyser GPT
Icon of a a graph pointing up and right

Ad Performance Analyser

Provide your advertising performance data and the GPT will run an analysis on the campaign performance and make recommendations for your next campaign.

Ad Performance Analyser GPT
Icon of a magnifying glass

SEO Assistant

Get some advice on optimising content for better search engine rankings from this GPT.

SEO Assistant GPT
Icon of a text input and cursor

Data Capture Optimiser

This GPT should be at your side when building a new form! Get helpful tips on what questions to ask at what stage of the funnel to reduce drop-off and form abandonment.

Data Capture Optimiser GPT

Industry assistants

Icon of a mortarboard hat

Education Marketing Assistant

Packed with the latest data and insights, this GPT will provide tailored strategies for launching student recruitment campaigns, improving conversion and optimising nurture strategies.

Education Marketing Assistant GPT
Icon of a shopping cart

Ecommerce Marketing Assistant

Looking to supercharge your ecommerce conversion? This GPT will help you plan how to ensure users convert on your website.

Ecommerce Marketing Assistant GPT
Icon of a globe with a map pin

Culture and Tourism Marketing Assistant

Do you want more visitors to your locations or members in your organisations? Unlock innovative solutions for travel and hospitality marketing with this GPT.

Tourism Marketing Assistant GPT
An icon of a dollar symbol in a circle

Finance Marketing Assistant

Do you offer financial services to your customers? This GPT will help with customer acquisition by recommending the right approach to content creation and long-term lead nurture.

Finance Marketing Assistant GPT
Icon of a can of soda

FMCG Marketing Assistant

Planning strategies to take your FMCG business to market? Look no further than this GPT to help recommend the right approach.

FMCG Marketing Assistant GPT
Icon of a store front

Retail Marketing Assistant

Running a retail business? Whether online or bricks-and-mortar, this GPT will help elevate your sales and increase conversion.

Retail Marketing Assistant GPT