We’re thrilled to announce another award nomination for outstanding Paid Search (PPC) excellence. This time we are setting new standards with our client partnership with Higher Ed Partners (HEP) – and setting new standards across Higher Education marketing.


UK Paid Media Award Finalist 2023

We’re proud to have partnered with HEP, a leading provider of higher education solutions, to drive their online marketing efforts and help them reach their diverse audiences. Our PPC  campaigns have helped HEP increase their online visibility, attract qualified leads, and ultimately achieve their business goals. This recognition is a precedent of our commitment to providing exceptional digital experiences, solutions and results for our clients.


The story

HEP UK work with universities and Higher Education institutions to recruit students into online postgraduate and undergraduate degrees.  We exceeded their targets with an outstanding 170% across all partners for the last five intakes. This accomplishment was achieved at a cost-per-enrolment (CPE) that was significantly lower than the benchmark.

Online Higher Education saw great growth opportunities in 2020 as many people reassessed their futures. Online education offers flexibility to support personal development while WFH. But carrying that momentum into the post-pandemic age and doubling down on the benefits of learning online required new thinking – and a new PPC approach.

But we knew we could draw insight from this exceptional moment into a sustainable, ongoing growth strategy. After reacting to macro trends, we needed to make trends happen.

We needed to keep HEP’s 2020 growth momentum stable into 2021-22 – and accelerate it. We measured this by:

  • Getting more leads
  • Getting more enrolments 
  • …and doing all this while cutting cost per lead.


Proud partners

This nomination in the UK Paid Media Awards means a lot because, not only does it represents the dedicated work of our team, but the success of our approach to strong client partnerships. We believe that transactional client-agency relationships lead to poor results and prioritise short-term goals. Instead, we work with our clients as true partners, building mutually beneficial outcomes and delivering marketing effectiveness. 

We extend our gratitude to HEP for their ongoing trust and support. And are excited to continue producing award winning work. Wish us luck and keep an eye out for us at the UK Paid Media Awards on the 15th of March!

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