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Isabel Woodrow-Young - Content and Social Exec at Anything is Possible

Isabel Woodrow-Young

Social and Content Executive

Izzy’s background is in branding, graphic design and photography, starting in creative studios such as The Rankin Group. With brand identity, messaging and content planning management experience, her expertise is in delivering consistently creative and effective social marketing. 

Her approach to social-first content bridges the gap between brand ideas and channel optimisation. Taking a creative idea and bringing it to life across specific social platforms to help clients identify exciting opportunities and connect with their community. Providing them with useful, useable content that meets the users and business needs.

With previous experience in project management she leads all projects with structure and simplicity, ensuring communication with her clients is seamless.

Her recent work includes Ravi’s Dream, a charity project supported by Anything is Possible, where she launched a social strategy and branding, collaborating on a national creative campaign. This resulted in significant social, TV and radio exposure with Ravi’s charity song even shortlisted as a contender for Christmas No.1 by The Official Charts in 2023.