Prove. Predict. Prevent. Understanding how world events affect organic search performance.


Back in October, Angelo took to the stage at SEO Brighton to present an exciting new methodology and forthcoming SEO tool, Zeit. This entirely new approach proves, predicts and prevents the effect of world events on organic search performance. An incredible accomplishment for the rising star who only started his career in SEO less than a year ago. 


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Introducing Zeit

Zeit, a new SEO tool in the making, is the brainchild of Anything is Possible’s Angelo Cosma Galluzzo and Rob Griffiths. The tool analyses the affect of world events on organic search performance. The idea was born on Angelo’s discovery observing our clients’ organic performance during the conflict in Ukraine. And it formed the basis of his acclaimed performance at Brighton SEO’s Measurefest event earlier this year.

It all came about when we initially noticed an inexplicable drop in some clients’ organic performance. On closer inspection, it was clear this was more than a pattern. When reporting his findings to our clients he felt that he was lacking sufficient evidence to back this discovery. And so, he joined forces with analytical genius Rob, to build a method that proved, predicted and helped prevent the effects of world events on organic search performance.


The impact world events have on search behaviour


For SEOs, and marketers alike, this data is highly valuable in understanding the impact world events have on users’ search behaviour. It works retrospectively, looking at how and why an event has affected organic traffic. You can also use it proactively to accurately assess and identify further opportunities associated with upcoming events – anything from Red Nose Day, to the World Cup. It opens up world events into  opportunities to enhance organic performance if identified and strategised in time. Enabling SEOs to plan smarter and target efforts better – two steps ahead. 


The tool that proves, predicts and prevents the affect of world events on organic search performance

In the lead-up to Zeit’s launch, Angelo has written a comprehensive report detailing his methodology and the tool’s capabilities. We encourage you to download and digest the report here and give it a read. Our new methodology has already influenced diverse areas of our SEO and media planning – from inspiring content creative and strategy to targeting better paid media. The tool can be applied widely to many marketing and design practices.

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