Search engine optimisation (SEO), or organic search performance, is the art that never stands still. It could be the challenge of balancing new web content with the demands of the search algorithms. Or it could be responding to the abrupt and often unannounced updates to those same algorithms.

Or, it could be something completely unexpected. Something massive.

When one of our clients received some unexplained turbulence in their organic search performance earlier this year, we were stumped. No Google updates announced. No unannounced ones that we could see either. Nothing wrong with the SEO strategy (our team had made sure of that).

So what was causing the sudden change?

We cast our net a little wider. And caught a big fish. Could it be that our client’s website issues was being caused by a shocking conflict thousands of miles away? By the war in Ukraine?

It didn’t seem possible. But it made sense. And we know that anything is possible.


Chasing down world events to explain organic search performance

This realisation sent us on a journey of exploration, experimentation and ultimately innovation that has changed how we tackle SEO for our biggest clients. (And, knowing us and our tech guys, we built a game changing web tool out of it which you’ll hear about soon.)

In this new interview recorded at Brighton SEO, our Italian SEO dynamo Angelo Cosma-Galluzzo chats with not-a-robot Jamie Indigo to discuss the whole story:

  • How we discovered the real cause of our SEO fluctuations.
  • How we turned our SEO instincts into a tool that changes how we track global events’ impact on search performance.
  • What the next phase of our new tool Zeit is gonna look like…

Watch this space for more news on Zeit very soon.

And if you want to get ahead of the crowd and understand how world events affect your organic search performance – you know what do…