What a performance! We’re thrilled to announce that Anything is Possible’s digital team has won Performance Marketing Team of the Year at the Performance Marketing World People awards. A well deserved testament to their relentless pursuit of excellence, growth and innovation in digital media.


Transformation and triumph

In 2023, our digital team took center stage with a hefty mission to increase activity and transformative client results. Under the legendary leadership of Craig Starling, our new Head of Digital, we turned a group of talented individuals into a unified force for change. Craig’s strategic direction and our team’s dedication led to an impressive 31% increase in performance media fees, smashing our target and bringing us to new highs.


Mastery. Autonomy. Empowerment.

Our success was driven by a clear strategy focused on mastery, autonomy, and empowerment. We invested heavily in learning and development, partnering with industry giants like Google for bespoke training sessions. This ensured our team members grew their skills in both soft and technical areas, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.


Cutting-edge technology and innovation

We didn’t stop at training. We revolutionised our tech stack too. With the introduction of a custom resource dashboard, an AI-assisted briefing tool, and a breakthrough Big Query integration, we freed our team from repetitive tasks. This allowed them to focus on higher-order activities like strategy and relationship-building, adding extra layers of value to our clients.


Elevating talent and embracing sustainability

This commitment to talent development saw our Social Director, Emily Charlton-Smith, achieve significant industry recognition. Emily became both  a LinkedIn Marketing Insider and TikTok Advisory Board VIP. Simultaneously, we launched our Carbon Calculator to measure, analyse, and offset the carbon impact of our media choices, pushing the industry towards a sustainable future. And that’s before we even talk about our attention planning metric aipXa


Record-Breaking Results

The team efforts translated into spectacular results across not just our performance media fees for the year, but in absolute terms of managed client media spend. The list of happy clients is to big to call out individually, but one standout is the huge ROI we delivered for our partners Shutterly Fabulous,  alongside significant market share growth and record-breaking subscription numbers:

“Anything is Possible have immersed themselves in our business with their approachable yet results-driven way of working. Experts with attitude (a good one), their results speak for themselves.”

– Wade Noble, Digital Media Strategist and Performance Manager at Shutterly Fabulous/TCMM



Want to know the real secret to our success? Hear it from the horse’s mouth in this masterclass in letting the facts speak for themselves…

And for our next performance…

Winning this award is just the beginning. The plan is to double down on growth, innovation, and sustainability, now that we have the Best Performance Marketing Team in the universe.

Stay tuned as we keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Because at Anything is Possible, we believe in thinking differently and making the extraordinary happen.

And if you want to work with the best Performance Marketing Team of the Year, then you are nearly already there