We are thrilled to announce that Anything is Possible has been nominated (again) for not just one, but three UK Company Culture Awards in 2023! Our company has been recognised for our exceptional workplace mental health awareness initiative, employee development program, and overall company culture.

The UK Company Culture Awards celebrate businesses that are creating truly exceptional work environments. From the smallest start-ups to the largest corporations, the awards recognise the efforts of companies that have gone above and beyond to create a positive and supportive culture for their employees. We know that happy colleagues are the secret formula for creating what we’re really all about – happy clients (with transformative Media, Tech and Creative campaigns).

In the Best (Agency) Workplace Mental Health Awareness Initiative category, we are proud to have been nominated for our entry titled ‘Achieving one in ten (and a whole lot more).’ This initiative focused on raising awareness of mental health in the workplace and providing support to those who needed it. We created a comprehensive mental health program that included training, counselling, and resources for our employees. The program was successful in achieving our key goal of having one trained Mental Health First Aider for every in ten employees, per Mental Health For England’s guidelines.


Learning and Development recognition

In the Best Agency Employee Development Programme category, we have been nominated for our entry ‘Mastery, autonomy and empowerment through learning.’ This program was designed to give our employees the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their roles while also providing opportunities for personal and professional growth:

  • Mastery – Giving everyone the training opportunities to upskill and become an industry-leader in their field
  • Autonomy – Letting our experts decide what the next step on their learning pathway looks like to develop themselves – and the agency
  • Empowerment – Protecting time and resource to support our learners to expand the limit of what they can do – and feed their learnings back into the agency, sharing their knowledge to upskill peers and juniors.

Finally, we are delighted to have been nominated in the Best (Medium-sized) Agency to Work For category for our entry titled ‘Anything is Possible – We believe it so much we made it our brand‘. This nomination is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team in creating a positive and supportive work environment. We have always believed that anything is possible, and strive to create an environment where our employees feel valued, can make a meaningful combination to the agency and reach their full potential.

We are extremely proud of these nominations and excited to attend the awards ceremony to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our team. At Anything is Possible, we believe that our company culture is one of may things that sets us apart. So we are over the moon to have that culture recognised by the UK Company Culture Awards. We are committed to continuing to create a positive and supportive work environment for our employees. And of course, we want to inspire other companies to do the same.