The SEO community on Twitter was ablaze yesterday as news filtered down of Google’s March Core 2023 Update, which it said will take a couple of weeks to roll out. Don’t worry! Here’s what you need to know about the update to its search ranking algorithms.


What are Google core algorithm updates?

A Google core algorithm update can impact search rankings. It is critical brands and SEOs keep informed, so that they can act strategically. The crucial factors to maintain a strong presence in search results largely remain high quality, original content and optimal technical site elements.

Whenever Google announces a Core update it helps us understand any changes that might be occurring to our websites. It’s beneficial to keep a careful eye on your analytics and rankings when these happen to recognise any impact.

Google’s Core updates are important as they can affect a site’s position in the SERPs both positively and negatively. Rankings over the next weeks and months may see fluctuations. Because of this, Google offers a list of questions that brands and webmasters should consider if their site is hit by a core update.

Google’s Search Advocate, John Mueller, has said previously that sites can see some recovery between core updates, but the most significant changes follow another core update.


When was the last Google core update?

The last core update was more than six months ago on 12th September 2022, with the rollout complete as of 26th September 2022.

According to Google, broad core updates tend to happen every few months. However, between core updates it says they are constantly making updates to its algorithms, including smaller core updates.


What can you do about Google’s March 2023 core update?

Don’t panic! While it might be too early to say, chatter online seems to point out that this update has not affected white hat SEO (sustainable practices only). The key best practice guidelines from Google remain pretty consistent and we regularly update on Google’s updates, so will be watching to see if there’s anything else you need to be aware of and act upon.

Google is always looking to optimise the user search experience, which is why you should prioritise high quality content and optimise the technical side of your site.

By producing consistent, quality content that is useful for users and built on solid technical site foundations, you will increase rankings, improve UX and increase sales and revenue.


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