We are thrilled to announce an important new development at Anything is Possible. Rob Griffiths, our first ever hire in 2018, steps into the unique role of AI and Automation Pioneer. This new position is not just a nod to his exceptional talent, but also aligns with our mission to lead the development of AI technology in the agency space.


Pathfinding on our AI journey

In this role, Rob will spearhead the integration of AI and automation into both our internal processes and client solutions. His deep expertise in machine learning, data analysis, Python, and JavaScript is critical for driving the efficiency and effectiveness of our solutions to new heights.

As one of the agency’s technical leaders, Rob is dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation. Having led our role extension program to upskill junior colleagues on digital media, and lead more client workshops and mentorship programs than he can remember, in his new role Rob will be using his knowledge and experience to embed internal and external AI and automation solutions.

Rob is a definitive, first-generation Possiblist. The way he has crafted this new role around both his personal skill set and our changing client needs is a testament to his dedication and talent. Starting as our first ever employee alongside founders Sam and Mark, Rob’s path through the agency epitomises our core belief that anything is possible (it’s in the name!) His progression is not just an individual success, but an important lesson of how creative, tech, and media agencies should evolve in the AI era.


Advancing AI and automation

With Rob driving our agency efforts, we’re uniquely positioned to redefine the boundaries of AI and automation solutions in marketing and advertising. Rather than sitting passively and awaiting the future to meet us, we are actively shaping the industry’s response to AI, ensuring our clients benefit from the latest technologies, and that our skills continue to funnel into high-value activities for our clients.

Stay connected as Rob leads our tech specialists into this exciting era of technological creativity. Should you have any questions or wish to explore the potentially endless limits of Rob’s new role, he’d love to connect with you. Let’s chat!