We all share responsibility for the climate emergency. So it’s everyone’s job to work to mitigate its effects. That’s why we’re excited to unveil an initiative that places our clients at the forefront of positive change while setting new standards for the industry’s understanding of media’s carbon impact. We’ve linked up with the IPA and moving forward we will be using its Media Carbon Calculator in all of our media strategies. 

This powerful tool not only transforms media planning but also empowers our clients and strategists to make a meaningful difference to the planet. Reflecting the aims of the IPA’s Media Climate Charter, the Calculator provides media agencies with the information and resources tools to support the transition to net-zero.


Embracing sustainability through innovation

Since our founding we’ve fully embraced The Triple Bottom Line (TBL) and a carbon-positive approach. TBL theory introduces three bottom lines: Profit, People, and the Planet. This means we prioritise not only revenues but also social value and environmental sustainability as core decision-drivers. 

We’ve been double-carbon positive for over two years, putting back twice as much carbon into the earth as our in-house activity takes out. We’ve planted nearly 10,000 trees.

But true sustainability isn’t just about offsetting. It’s about being accountable for our actions: measuring and making visible the impact of our actions to improve future decision making and reduction. Our commitment goes beyond sequestration, views carbon offsetting and minimisation separately, and avoids the ‘save more/waste more’ trap presented by Jevon’s Paradox.


Your impact, quantified: Unveiling carbon footprint insights

Here’s the thing: in 2019, a staggering £23.6 billion was poured into media advertising in the UK alone. Yet, hidden beneath these figures lies an environmental cost we can’t afford to overlook. Every pound we spend on our clients’ media campaigns has a carbon footprint. Every decision leaves a mark.

We’ve decided to use our conscious choices and actions to shape a sustainable future. And together with us, our clients can lead the way towards a world where advertising isn’t just about numbers but about protecting our shared environment.


Wondering how it works?

The Media Carbon Calculator quantifies the carbon footprint of your media choices, providing valuable insights into your environmental impact. The Calculator offers our clients a powerful tool with a host of benefits:

  • Maximise ROI (Return on Investment) and ROC (Return on Carbon) simultaneously, aligning financial success with environmental responsibility.
  • Fine-tune media planning to minimise carbon impact and cash costs.
  • Ensure that every campaign is not only effective but also eco-friendly.

With a holistic approach that considers Money, Time, and Carbon, our clients can be confident that their media plans contribute positively to our planet’s well-being. This integrated approach ensures positive returns across all these crucial inputs, making our media strategies environmentally conscious and financially rewarding.

We’ve decided to stop looking at Scope 3 emissions as someone else’s problem. They’re everybody’s problem. A call to action, and a chance for all of us to be accountable and make a significant difference.


How do we make a difference? Together

When you work with Anything is Possible, you are involved in actively reducing media’s carbon impact and the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. We do this with big steps, like planting trees – and small steps, like cutting digital asset file sizes, to save server space and energy.

By partnering with us, you support sustainable paper printing and pollution-absorbing paint in custom builds, further reducing environmental impact.

We will be actively integrating these and many other practices in alignment with the IPA’s Media Climate Charter, to play our part in comprehensive climate action. Our goal is to forge a path toward a more sustainable future, where your actions have a meaningful impact.


Surfacing Scope 3 emissions: Holistic sustainability

Our commitment extends beyond our current efforts to offset Scope 1 activity and comes from our present budgets. We are dedicated to achieving net-zero status by 2030, and this commitment extends to how we account for the media portion. Our achievement of the IPA Ad Net Zero certification and our AdGreen endorsement will also showcase your dedication to reducing carbon emissions across all emission Scopes. Together, we pave the way for a greener, more sustainable advertising industry.


Empowering positive change together

As we embark on this journey to understand media’s true carbon impact, your role in driving sustainability is crucial, with every visible, conscious and accounted-for media purchase making a positive step. Moving forward, our client media plans will now include transparent carbon calculations, showing how committed we are to transparency.

A portion of all our clients’ media spending will directly support impactful initiatives like tree planting and emissions offsetting, making your media plans a force for a greener world.


Becoming the catalyst for change

This isn’t just another initiative; it’s woven into the fabric of every media plan we create for you as a separate line item, clear as the skies we want to breathe. Just get in touch if you want to know more.

The narrative begins here, as we collectively script a future that’s not just carbon-conscious – but carbon-heroic.