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Crafting a narrative of aspiration and achievement through video, showcasing the transformative journey of first-generation students at LSBU.



Andy McLane

Creative Director

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In the competitive landscape of student recruitment for higher education, London South Bank University (LSBU) presents a unique opportunity.

Known for its high percentage of first-generation students from South East London and surrounding areas, LSBU stands as a beacon for increasing social mobility.

The challenge was to connect with this aspirational youth demographic and showcase the transformative journey of education.


Partnering with Curly Films, we embarked on creating a campaign that resonated with the young, aspirational demographic. Our insights revealed the need for an authentic and relatable approach. The resulting “THE MAKING OF YOU” campaign was a vibrant blend of real-life student experiences and animated illustrations, capturing the essence of the educational journey at LSBU.

Directed by Alex Dickinson, the campaign used real faculty and new students to add authenticity. This approach was designed to not just appeal visually but to strike a chord with young people poised to redefine their family traditions through education. The creative narrative was meticulously crafted to be an empowering call to action for potential LSBU students.



The “THE MAKING OF YOU” campaign successfully cut through the clutter of modern media, striking a deep connection with our target audience. Post-campaign analysis showed:

  • Significant engagement from the youth demographic, resonating strongly with their aspirations and journey.
  • Positive feedback on the authenticity and relatability of the campaign, enhancing LSBU’s image as an inclusive and transformative educational institution.
  • A notable increase in inquiries and interest from prospective students, proving the campaign’s effectiveness in inspiring the next generation of learners.

We needed to appear in a way that felt attractive and authentic to a discerning young audience. With LSBU-, 'THE MAKING OF YOU' campaign, we wanted to create an idea that crackled with the exciting potential and energy that you feel at this time of your life, using visual language that the audience will recognise as the journey they are already on... to become another version of themselves.

Andy McLane Creative Director, AIP Media

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