Award Season bangs on with another nomination for Anything is Possible!

We’re absolutely over the moon to be nominated in the Online Media Buying category in the Drum Recommends Digital Awards.

One thing that makes the Drum Recommends Digital Awards so special is they are all awarded by authentic client ratings.

In any endeavour, industry or sector, awards are usually given on the basis of an expert judging panel. Being assessed by your peers ensures impartiality, clarity and consistency. Plus the insider knowledge to know the difference between what’s great – and what’s merely good.

But that never has quite the same meaning as being judged by your customers.

After all, it’s them who know you best. Who you work so hard to please, and who it’s ultimately all about.

We’ve been nominated for the awards for the top rated, best recommended agency for Online Media Buying.

This is scored by aggregating the recommendation scores our lovely clients give us for the services we provide. We are in the category with a bunch of similar size agencies. This is so larger companies are not unfairly advantaged by having more clients to call on for those all-important ratings.

Online media buying expertise

Online media buying is what we do. And we do it different to most.

Questionable practices in online media buying are rife, but we are fully transparent in all online and offline media buying. Not only do we pass all discounts back to our partners at net rates, we independently verify every step using the blockchain ledger, Fenestra.

This gives us an exceptional insight into the results and effectiveness of our work. We leverage this to enhance ongoing accountability and performance from today’s complex digital media buying ecosystem. It ensures the highest levels of brand safety and adherence to the principles of conscious advertising principles . It means we’re always in compliance with the highest standards of viewability and quality KPIs.

We are constantly developing our  media buying capabilities to out-plan, out-buy and ultimately out-perform other agencies.

We call this unique process Kinetic Media Planning:

Ask us about it some time.

One to be proud of

This nomination in the Online Media Buying category is a welcome recognition. In fact, that’s a massive understatement. 

It usually takes years to gather that client experience, refine the working processes, and earning that measure of confidence. To have amassed such trust in our short time as an agency is an immense validation of our approach to client satisfaction.

And that’s before you even get to the really important stuff.

With every partnership we go out of our way to delight our clients. And we pride ourselves on being the easiest agency to work with our clients ever know. At every turn we look to elevate the whole industry by sharing our skills and expertise with everyone we come into contact with. 

Because you can only inspire that level of confidence if you are delivering real results.

That means hitting the bottom line: meeting and exceeding project targets and expectations. Producing campaigns that resonate not only with our partners’ mission and values, but inspire in turn their customers to take the best next steps. 

To see those efforts reflected back in these recommendations from our client partners and collaborators makes it all worthwhile. 

Banging the Drum

The Drum is the bible of digital media, marketing and advertising.  They have a suite of awards that run throughout the year, touching every aspect of the industry.

They make sure the information they collate and share is impartial, comprehensive and authoritative. The recommendation process for the Digital Awards is blind and robust, protecting clients’ anonymity and ensuring the integrity of the assessment.

As you can probably tell, we are pretty pleased with this one!


If you really want to see why our clients rate us so highly there’s only one thing you can do