Why Share of Search?

At Anything is Possible, we use Share of Search to show the number of organic searches the brands we work with have received, as a proportion of the total number of searches made for every brand in its industry. 

Search is a high intent channel, and as such Share of Search is an uncanny indicator of market share. If more people are searching for your brand, you’re going to land more sales. 

Why SearchShare?

If your Share of Search is rising, you can expect to see an increase in market share later on. When searches are large relative to your size, it’s a positive sign of growth.

The very essence of marketing is being able to understand the customer. We created a new tool to simplify this process efficiently to gauge brand health more efficiently and unlock the true value of search data. 

For Share of Search think SearchShare.

How does SearchShare add value for my business?

When we look at the effectiveness of Share of Search (SoS) across the marketing landscape, does it have the same strong correlation to share of market (SoM) over different types of industries, countries and languages?

It’s a question that gets asked a lot and understanding categories is important, but the answer is yes.

SoS = SoM across categories, countries, and languages. The correlation does vary slightly but it is dynamic. When SoS changes, so does SoM, and it represents a good proxy for the aggregate mental availability for brands.

In a wide-ranging research study looking at 30 case studies, twelve categories and seven countries, an average 83% correlation between SoS and SoM was found across all cases*. 

Both demand- and supply-side factors are in play. On the supply side for instance, there are components such as distribution, physical availability and product quality to incorporate.

There’s a lot going on. But SearchShare simplifies the operation and cuts through the noise, adding value to your critical market analysis.

Tracking for business success

Whatever business type a brand may be, or whatever category or location it finds itself in, it’s very likely that SearchShare can be used as a predictive measure to track brand advertising.

SearchShare supports brands with its long-term forecasting accuracy. It’s both an early warning system and a powerful data tool for customer intent; what people are going to do, think, feel and buy.

It helps your business based not on what people are saying but what they are doing online, providing you with a huge database of audience intentions.

Vital data insight for agencies and brands

We’ve refined Share of Search into SearchShare a seamless data insight tool that has already delivered outstanding value to both us and our clients.

We’ve developed an intuitive, user-friendly interface which outputs fast, actionable data. It shows you how to understand your customers and visualise your future performance against other brands in your category.

Our clients and partners already use SearchShare for the edge on market intelligence. And I’d love to know what you think about it.

Check it out today. 



*Binet & Hankins and The IPA Share of Search ThinkTank 2021