I’m thrilled to introduce our latest addition to the Anything is Possible team: Alex Calder. With a remarkable track record in Higher Education marketing and elsewhere, spanning prestigious institutions like NYU and Carnegie Mellon, Alex is poised to revolutionise our approach to education marketing through innovative Martech solutions.

Wasting no time, Alex is taking our new AI-assisted solutions to Berlin this week with a session on Unlocking AI’s Potential: A Roadmap for Higher Education Marketers at ICEF.

In this sector, where students’ decision making journeys are long, complex and consultative, AI has massive potential to engage and re-engage potential students to make the choice that’s right for them.

Learning to adapt to the advantages of AI is on every HE marketer’s ‘must-do’ list for 2024, and Alex’s session is designed to help you thrive in this new era. He’s sharing the actionable insights, key tools and effective workflows you need to navigate the challenges and opportunities opened up by this game-changing tech.

From automating repetitive tasks to crafting personalised customer experiences, Alex will be showing the ICEF auditorium that AI is not just an add-on, but a vital pathway towards innovation and scale in Higher Education marketing.

We’ll also look outward into the wider sector, exploring how AI is changing industry-leading practice from SEO to PPC, and finding out how to future-proof your digital strategies and get ahead of the wave of change. 

So if you’re off to ICEF this week, check out Alex’s seminar – and grab him afterwards to say ‘Hi!’

And if you’d like to attend a similar UK-based session just let us know