Every marketing team knows that the secret sauce to an effective LinkedIn ad campaign is the ability to reach the right audience. However, creating effective and targeted audiences can be a time-consuming and daunting task. It can often lead to delays in campaign launches, and, if not done accurately, can result in less-than-optimal ad performance. This process, coupled with the challenge of getting client approval for audience targeting, can be cumbersome and slow.

Sound familiar? Well, fret no more!

Here at Anything is Possible, we have been working hard to address this issue head-on, and we are proud to introduce AdPersona by aiPete, our revolutionary AI-powered Ad Persona Builder using LinkedIn’s Audience Insights API.


How Does AdPersona by aiPete Work?

At its core, AdPersona by aiPete is a powerful tool that simplifies the process of audience creation for our clients’ campaigns. To create your audience, you or your planning teams can input your campaign objectives or target audience in plain text. From there, AdPersona utilises LinkedIn’s audience targeting criteria to generate four unique targeting audiences.

AdPersona by aiPete then assigns each audience persona a memorable name, and clearly outputs the LinkedIn targeting criteria and targeting insights through the LinkedIn Audience Insights API. Moreover, the tool then provides a client-friendly rationale for each selection. This level of detail ensures that you’re kept in the loop every step of the way, and it allows for quick and seamless client approval.

Once approved, AdPersona uses LinkedIn’s Audience Insight API to push these named audiences to your ad account, paving the way for performance driven audience testing. The result? A significant acceleration in the audience creation and client approval process, and a targeted test audience that is ready to improve your campaign performance.


What’s Next for AdPersona by aiPete?

We’re committed to continuously improving and refining AdPersona. We have an exciting roadmap in place, which includes:

  1. Visualisation – We plan to incorporate AI-generated visual portraits to further enrich the persona creation experience.
  2. Profile Taxonomies – AdPersona by aiPete will soon leverage LinkedIn’s unrivalled professional profile data to inform ad targeting selection across other PPC platforms.
  3. Persona Performance Data – We are working on pulling persona performance data into AdPersona by aiPete to better inform persona creation and selection.

With these features in the pipeline, AdPersona by aiPete promises to revolutionise the way you run LinkedIn ad campaigns.

We are thrilled to be able to offer our clients a solution like AdPersona by aiPete and lay the groundwork for the future of LinkedIn advertising.


To learn more, get in touch with our team. Let’s create extraordinary audiences together!