We’re proud to announce our new software platform, Leap, which helps our clients brief, plan and execute campaign activity in the most streamlined way possible.

Leap is a single platform that vaults the gaps between the initial spark of a campaign, the translation of that idea into a brief, and all the potential pitfalls that stop a good plan from turning into effective, engaging and compelling advertising.

And what better day to announce Leap than the 29 February, when we all get a leap day! 

The challenge Leap solves

Let’s start at the beginning, one of the biggest problems in marketing is creating good briefs. As the first element of any campaign, it should build the foundations for success and translate the ideas in your head into something tangible that can be used to draw other people into your brand’s world and encourage curiosity.  But if the brief could be improved, then everything else can be improved. And you have to work much harder to make those optimisations and bring the ideas back to what excited you in the first place.

If you can solve the briefing process, then everything else, from campaign delivery all the way to the end result will be much more effective. So, this is where we’ve started with Leap – by bringing together AI, automation and agency expertise to solve the problem creating great briefs.



How do we jump the gaps between the brief and live campaign?

There are a few challenges to solve along the way:

  1. Campaign planning requires the input of many people across different roles.
  2. Writing a brief and creating plans are time-consuming and laborious processes.
  3. Assets get lost across multiple comms channels like Slack, Meet, and Teams; and across different file storage solutions like Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox.
  4. Accountability to complete, respond and interrogate gets lost with the influx of new challenges to solve and deadlines to hit.

These reasons are all crucial to the failure of a response and, ultimately, the disappointment of an average campaign. So, to tackle these challenges, we’ve built Leap.


Here’s what Leap can do:

  1. Leap allows multiple stakeholders to work together to submit the best possible version of what they want the campaign to achieve.
  2. We make it easy to get started and tackle the tyranny of the blank page by breaking the process down into clear sections, allowing collaborative working and streamlining the process.
  3. We help delivery flow more efficiently by centralising communication in one place and allowing supporting documentation to be uploaded so that nothing can get lost.
  4. Email notifications and smooth management of SLAs help ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.
  5. Easy access to media plan and reporting, allowing quick and easy access to see the status of campaigns


We use AI to help bring those factors together by looking at historical information, previous campaigns, and successful activities we’re running to understand what information needs to be collected for the best chance at success.

AI then uses this data to help tailor the output and allow for a far more seamless experience when completing it. In just a few months, we already have prestigious brands and organisations like British Library, University of Sussex, National Gallery and Barbican using the tool as a key part of their workflow to get work done and campaigns live and we look forward to introducing the tool to new clients moving forward.

If you’d like to leap into a future where anything is possible, let’s chat!