Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is more than just a cosmetic update, a fancy new UI and a couple of fresh graphs. It has a bunch of serious new features which change the way we measure online interactions.

As we mentioned in the previous blog, the tools we have for interpreting the world influence how we think. In fact, they shape the boundaries of the thoughts it is possible to have.

These effects soon become habitual and we stop even being conscious of them. It is a good exercise, before these new thoughts settle into habits and anything is possible, to deliberately elevate your perspective. Get a bit meta for a moment, and think about what these new tools in our hands can be used for.

We’ll probably be using the new Google Analytics to output reports, write scripts and inform our future media strategies for years to come. So it’s worth getting an understanding of how to use the new map before we get lost in the terrain.

Over on The Drum I have listed out what I think are the most important new features of Google Analytics 4.

There are a number of obvious differences in what we were able to do on the old platform and the kind of thing that Google Analytics 4 will let us look into and represent.

Starting over with GA4

It’s early days of course, and there is sure to be plenty more going on behind the scenes I’m not even aware of….

(Yet! I’m not the kind of guy who leaves any stone unturned when it comes to data platforms.) 

But head on over there to see where I think the biggest game changers and quick wins are.

And I have worked out a pretty keen strategy (if I say so myself) for preserving your years of precious legacy GA data. 


To know more about the way we at Anything is Possible are rethinking web interaction with GA4 then as always – just get in touch.