We’re delighted to announce we’ve won big on the awards front again this week. This time it was a major award win for best small digital media agency.

To use its full title, we received the UK Digital Growth Award for Small Integrated Digital Media Agency of the Year.  

It’s always been a key part of our vision for growth to test ourselves against the best of our peers. We make no secret of our plans to lead the digital media, marketing and advertising industries to do better.

Better in terms of performance. In terms of authenticity. In terms of positive outcomes for people, planet and profits.

And better from a the perspective of privacy, respect, and simply saying no to unethical marketing practices.

And it’s been our ambition to lead from the front. Because it’s easier than playing catchup, after all. But also because unless we know we are working at the forefront of industry excellence, all our fine words count for nothing.

The problems at the heart of digital media, marketing and advertising can only be achieved through elevating how we work as marketeers. And that means proving the viability of alternatives model for successful marketing growth.

The best way to do this is to enter awards. (Apart from achieving success and satisfaction for our clients. That bit goes without saying, because if you’re not capable of that you won’t be around for long anyway.)

Test against the best

The award entry process is a true test of what you’re about as an organisation.

Writing an award-winning entry involves looking clearly at your own work, putting your feelings to one side, and honestly appraising your achievements.

Once past the selection and nomination process, the judges are super-qualified industry peers who know the difference between the good,  the great, and the phenomenal.

And at the end you get something more valuable and attractive than another piece of silverware. You get to organize and measure the best of your energies and skills. You get to know you are working at the limit of what is possible. And you get to say that you are the digital media agency of the year.

If you want to work with the best there is – just get in touch.