When you live and dream digital, it’s important to get away from the screen sometimes. And if you can use that downtime to learn even more about the digital industries, so much the better.

That’s why I found myself at the recent ‘Why Snapchat?’ event at the social media giant’s new offices in Farringdon. Snapchat, are widely recognised as a social media trailblazer, who also just happen to have the most advanced and widely-used Augmented Reality app in the known universe. This opportunity to meet and learn from the people who are quietly making AR a daily reality for millions (unlike some much-hyped platforms we could mention…) gave us some profound insights into Snapchat’s product development strategies and their vision for the future:


The evolution of Augmented Reality

By harnessing the capabilities of AR, Snap is transforming how moments are captured and shared, fundamentally redefining connections within the digital landscape. This transformative journey commenced with the introduction of imaginative facial filters – a feature that seamlessly overlays digital elements onto live camera feeds. This pick-your-own-identity integration of AR technology has revolutionised self-expression, making it universally accessible and relatable across diverse user demographics.


The potential of Augmented Reality in marketing

Snapchat’s recognition of AR’s potential goes beyond mere novelty. With businesses across various industries acknowledging the power of AR, a new dimension of engagement has emerged. AR empowers consumers by enhancing their immediate environment. Whether it involves transforming a room into an immersive thematic space, or enabling users to visualise products within their personal context, the marketing potential of AR knows no bounds. Brands are seizing the opportunity to revolutionise their advertising strategies by delivering immersive experiences through Snapchat’s platform. Because of Snap’s fundamental person-to-person heritage, these targeted interactions occur at high-attention moments, precisely when consumers are most receptive.


Research insights and implications

In collaboration with Snap Inc., the groundbreaking research technology known as MAGNA Media Trials, developed by IPG MAGNA, conducted an extensive 2022 study titled The Augmented Reality Playbook: Examining AR’s Role in the Purchase Journey. The findings underscored the transformative impact of AR advertisements, known as Lenses, in forging deeper connections between brands and consumers. These AR ads play a pivotal role across the customer journey, facilitating awareness, stimulating consideration, and driving conversion.


Fostering innovation – empowering creators

A particularly significant aspect is Snapchat’s accessible AR creation system. Through its Lenses web builder, individuals with a business account can design and personalise their AR lenses. This democratisation of AR creation exemplifies Snapchat’s commitment to fostering innovation and engagement. It empowers businesses to craft compelling brand experiences, effectively blurring the lines between the physical and digital realms.


Snapchat’s Augmented Reality progress

In a digital era defined by interactions, Snapchat’s strides in AR resonate as a testament to the evolving landscape of social engagement and marketing. From playful self-transformations to immersive advertising, AR’s potential is transformative and far-reaching. As Snapchat continues to break barriers with its intuitive AR platform, it invites brands and creators to envision new dimensions of interaction. The result is a digital experience that’s not only engaging but also immersive and revolutionary in its impact.