Fear not.  If you haven’t planned your Christmas creative campaign yet, there’s still time for us to help you make the most of the season.

Whatever the economy, or world events, throw at us Christmas is still a time when people want to give gifts to their nearest and dearest. Knowing how to concept retail and gifting brand campaigns, that offer something for every budget, has become even more relevant in these financially challenged times. 

Believe it or not we’re nearly into the ‘early gifting’ season. And it’s going to be a bit different to Christmases past. Yes, Christmas is all about family, friends and sharing with loved ones – but it’s also about shopping! And there’s nothing wrong with that.

And don’t forget Black Friday. Since the pandemic the ‘traditional’ start of gifting season has become as much about online as it is about cold queueing outside the Apple shop. 

It’s not just about the economy, silly. The first Christmas of the New Carolean Age is upon us and there are many reasons to fear that Christmas sales will be down on last year. Partly because consumers have less money to spend, but also because they have more choice about where and when they put their hard-earned, hard-saved Xmas money. Brands who need a big season need to put themselves front-of-mind in the runup to the biggest sales opportunity of the year need to adapt their approach to maximise their share of wallet.


Busy little elves

At Anything is Possible we’ve been as busy as Santa’s workshop – preparing campaigns for several retail clients – from as far back as July. But remember we are called Anything is Possible. That means there’s always room on the workbench for more. 

Christmas is often seen as the bellwether of the year’s trading in retail. But it’s already been a tough summer for the high street and hopes for making up sales in Q4 have had their hopes knocked by research that shows a drop in consumer confidence. So we may see an earlier, than usual, dash for the shops ahead of feared price rises in Q4.

Brands that get the tone of their creative messaging right, recognising the need for gifts that have a value that lasts beyond the twelve days of Christmas, will be rewarded with sales. The art of gentle persuasion, this year, will be in communicating with relevance and charm, and not hysterically looking ‘all about sales’ from Black Friday onwards. 

Having a creative, strategic and production partner, with a well oiled sleigh to launch your campaign is probably more pivotal this year than in previous ones. We’re still in September (just) so if you’ve got the will then we’ve got the way.

And remember, Christmas is a time more than any other where it’s true to say that Anything is Possible.


So if your Christmas wish this year is to stand out with a bit of Christmas creative sparkle and give your customers that reason to choose you over Brand X…  Just send a list to Santa.


*Or too soon… If you want to start thinking about Christmas 2023 then we have forecasts we can help you with ?