We’re delighted to announce Anything is Possible have qualified as an official member of the TikTok Agency Awards Program. The social media giant’s exclusive academy program has recently been launched in select markets. And we are one of the first UK agencies to qualify.

We were one of the first agencies in the UK to place ads on the platform for one of our university partners back in 2019. Since then we’ve worked closely with TikTok to understand the platform’s ability to reach their enormous, highly engaged audiences. Check out our channel here.

TikTok has between 750 million – one billion active users, depending on your source. It’s a lot. The compulsive interface drives levels of engagement and interaction other publishers and social media channels can only dream of. Their unique and diverse user base can’t be found on other platforms, with 34% of TikTok’s users not on Facebook.

From an advertiser’s perspective, TikTok is one of the few channels to have broken down the walls between ads and content. Ads on TikTok don’t look like ads. Brands use what’s special about them to make content, converse and and engage like anyone else.

This places a premium on creativity and authenticity. Understanding the language and trends flying around TikTok’s thousands of sub-communities takes a well developed understanding of what the platform’s all about.

TikTok Agency Rewards Program

The TikTok agency academy has been specially designed in collaboration with agencies, to enhance our skillset, stand out in the industry, and help our clients and partners succeed. 

It gives us advance access to new tools and functions on the platform so we can hit the new trends first. It opens up exclusive resources, rates, training and support to make our ads hit the spot every time.

Our capabilities with the platform were assessed across spend, activity, compliance and education. Being accepted to the academy gives us accelerated access to the support and knowledge to stay at the forefront of innovation in this ever changing channel.

To find from the experts how to add TikTok to your media mix, just get in touch.