A quick question to get you thinking: How many newsletters are you subscribed to per week? It’s probably a lot. A good newsletter feels like a private hotline to the experts’ experts. And if you are thinking that – so are a lot of other people.

Newsletter advertising is emerging as an ideal post-GDPR solution for brands to reach a relevant, engaged audience without the risk of non-compliance.

A number of new platforms, such as LetterWell, have popped up from within the advertising industry to connect newsletters with the right brands for them.

This presents an opportunity for brands to piggyback on an already established, loyal and relevant audience through a highly engaging form of direct marketing comms. A brand is able to select from a marketplace of verified and vetted publishers that have also signed up to the platform, negotiate a price and deploy a campaign. 

In and of itself, this may sound fairly straight-forward, but newsletters are
known for having notably high levels of engagement (denoted by Open
Rates and Click Through Rate). If a brand truly understands their audience
and has access to the right market intelligence tools, they can target
publishers with the highest levels of affinity.

This analysis coupled with a creative execution that aligns well both with values of the publisher’s audience and clearly illustrates the value the brand can provide to the select audience – will ultimately lead to success and great user experience.

Newsletter advertising: Thinking points

● Newsletter advertising needs pinpoint precision. Audiences in these spaces are demanding and discerning, and poor decisions or simple mis-steps can create lasting brand damage and sink the newsletter channel.

● With this high risk comes high reward. If you can provide content that is genuinely enlightening and useful to the audience, you can onboard new users, leverage powerful word of mouth, and drive positive, lasting brand sentiment – all at once.

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