Recently, we ran our very first Anything is Possible event, curating a high-impact day of learning and networking with the most dynamic, data-first organisations in UK sport, media, finance, and broadcasting.


Data, disruption and competitive edge

In today’s market, staying ahead is about more than following trends—it’s about starting them, with smart use of data. Data helps make good decisions and find ways to grow. Disruption means trying new things that shake up the usual ways of doing business. A competitive edge is gained by using data and fresh ideas to offer unique products or services that draw people in.

That’s exactly what we focused on at our first event, ‘Data, Disruption and Competitive Edge’. We teamed up with top names in UK sports, media, finance, and broadcasting for a day full of learning and networking. The event showed how different industries use data and new ideas to beat economic trends and stay at the top.


The line up

Our relationship with Sky led to starting our day at the impressive Sky Studios campus. We kicked things off by welcoming guests and kitting them out with some fantastic goodies. Then we heard from four brilliant speakers who explored how each brand uses data in its strategies for effectiveness and growth.


Talk 1: Leveraging Attention – Smarter Media Planning for a Competitive Edge

Up first we heard from our own Sam Vining, Head of Data & Analytics at Anything is Possible. Sam started the session with doom and gloom, highlighting our low growth economy, and how our sensitivity to economic shocks from inflation and climate change is making it extremely challenging for brands to grow.

Sam’s solution to these challenges is to revisit the tried and trusted “excess share of voice” model, which describes how a share of voice (SOV) higher than a share of market (SOM) for a brand will lead to growth. Sam described how this relationship has become weaker due to changes in the media landscape, in particular how digital media proliferation has led to inconsistent placement impact, the need for more rapid planning processes, and increasing carbon emissions from the advertising sector.

To solve these challenges, Sam recommended that advertisers adopt new metrics into their planning processes: share of search as a predictive measure to assist with the speed of planning, attention metrics (such as Anything is Possible’s own measure of expected (x) attention (a), aipXa) to maximise the value of every placement, and carbon emissions data to minimise our negative impact on the planet.

We’ll be sharing a whitepaper report on aipXa in the coming weeks. Keep your eyes peeled to bag yourself a copy.


Talk 2: PensionBee’s data journey – How we built an insight-led disruptive pension provider

Up next, Jasper from PensionBee delivered an insightful brand growth story explaining his strategy and investment into marketing from start up to scale up. He took us through how emotive creative using real customers’ stories and clever brand collaborations led to a loyal and trusting audience. An inspiring journey proving the success of combining paid media with organic content and PR strategy. Engaging customers at every stage of their PensionBee journey. 

As an investor and advocate in PensionBee, I’ve already referred some of our team to consolidate their pensions (do not take this as financial advice!). Jasper’s talk definitely related to the whole group, empathising with the frustration of managing multiple pensions and creating direct demand for the brand’s product solution!


Talk 3: Shots on target – Interest, attention, behaviour – and unlocking hidden viewer value

After a quick halftime break, David Sanderson spoke to guests about Ad Smart by Sky. He demonstrated the unique proposition of the Ad Smart platform, where the effectiveness and precision of digital targeting blend perfectly with the sheer scale of linear TV reach. While you’ll often see products like this walled behind untenable minimum spends, David explained how the platform can be used to drive strong business results regardless of your budget.    

Ad Smart enables businesses of all shapes and sizes to benefit from the most trusted and effective way to advertise: the TV screen. Want to learn how Broadcast media can help grow your business? Get in touch with our Broadcast Director for an introduction.


Talk 4: How I use data  Director of Football at Brentford FC

Last, but by no means least, the Director of Football at Brentford FC, Phil Giles, delivered a captivating session on how he uses data to improve the team’s performance. I’ve been supporting Brentford since 1992. I even got my first job there, selling programmes at Griffin Park. Since then, we’ve come a long way—all the way to the Premier League, in fact. One thing Brentford is renowned for is its ability to think differently and place data-driven decision-making at the heart of what they do. It is a strategy that has worked incredibly well and has been a key driving force as the club has risen up the leagues.


The finale

To close out the day, we headed down the road to the Gtech Community Stadium to see the theory in action at the “Data Derby”. Brentford FC and Brighton and Hove Albion are the Premier League’s most innovative data-led teams, leveraging insight to transform on-pitch performance and changing how the beautiful game is planned and played.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to sing our victories at the football, drawing 0-0 with Brighton and Hove Albion. But what a day we had learning and networking with some incredible brands. It was wonderful to see such a diverse group of industries come together and bounce ideas off each other. It was an invaluable way to meet and connect with like-minded individuals. We’ll be sharing access to recordings of the day very soon! Keep an eye out for updates.

And it’s something we’ll be doing a lot more of in the future… We’re excited to announce Curiosity Club, a series of collaborative events that educate, inspire, and provoke new ideas in the world of marketing. 

Curious to know more, or think you’d like to collaborate at our next event? Get in touch! We want to hear from you.