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Image of Matt Towle

Matt Towle

Broadcast Director

Matt joined the Possiblists after moving to London from New Zealand, where he cut his teeth working with some of the world’s biggest players in long term brand building.

Managing Anything is Possible’s Broadcast media strategy and delivery teams, Matt’s responsibilities also include managing strategic relationships with key publishing partners across TV, OOH, radio and more – as well as working closely with our Programmatic experts under the wider banner of Audiovisual Services. He leverages these relationships to ensure that our clients benefit from the most up to date knowledge and opportunities in the sector. Highly experienced in investment strategy, planning and buying across complex media campaigns, he is armed to take on any challenge and deliver first-class out of home activations you didn’t think were possible.  

AV Futures is a passion for Matt, who is constantly keeping himself ahead of the curve as the media landscape evolves. Initially coming from a market that is often used as a testing ground for new ad-tech, he has first hand experience on the amalgamation of traditional formats such as TV & OOH with the measurement and targeting capabilities of new digital formats.

Although we still aren’t sure why he would leave NZ, we’re glad to have him!