At the end of an eventful week we are delighted to share some very happy news. aip‘s recent work with Kew Gardens is now a finalist in The Drum Search Awards 2020!  

Our DMA Award-winning project – Driving Record Visitors for Kew Gardens – did exactly what the name suggests. In just a few months we pushed 22% more visitors to Kew and smashed our target by a massive 9% in the process.  

It was results like this that got us selected as a finalist in The Drum Search Awards’ Not for Profit category, an established elite benchmark for the global Search industry.

This innovative project with Kew inspired the creation of aip’s digital advertising tool AdMonitor – custom built for charities and non-profit organisations to optimise their Google Ad Grant campaigns to boost support, donations and engagement.

Now in their sixth year, the The Drum Search Awards’ elevate the projects and agencies working at the leading edge of what is possible (which, as we always say, is Anything.)

Our unique smart search strategy for Kew revolved around 3 central pillars:

Place – a geo-targeted approach to reach potential people in locations most likely to visit Kew. To add to the mix we built custom remarketing lists to re-engage past visitors.

Time – we modelled Kew’s annual visitor rates and aligned budget weightings and bids to when people are most likely to visit, and kept back enough effective budget for the quiet seasons too.

Tech – with our bespoke in-house tools we targeted new visitors in the right place and the right time: AdMonitor to track results and SIGNAL, which correlates data feeds on the weather and London’s transport network.

Find out about Driving Record Visitors for Kew Gardens before the Awards announcement, or get in touch to transform your Search success.