AI is developing as a transformative marketing technology. We’re not inclined to sit around and let that change happen to us. At Anything is Possible we believe in making things happen for ourselves.

Despite the board level changes at Open AI, we’ve been planning ahead by unlocking this game changing technology to help our clients achieve their goals. We’re thrilled to introduce something never seen before. We are the first agency to develop a suite of sector-specific Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) which transform our marketing smarts into a set of accessible marketing technologies available to all*.


What’s a GPT? And why now?

Earlier this month OpenAI opened a new front in the AI arms race. They introduced into Chat GPT4 the ability for independent developers to build custom versions of ChatGPT that bring together unique data sets, custom instructions, specialist knowledge and any combination of skills and commands.

These bespoke micro-AIs are custom-built bots designed for specific tasks. They can be trained and harnessed to provide effective solutions across media, technology and creative for brands and agencies alike.


A new ecosystem for AI innovation

The advent of the GPT era is set to create a new accessible marketplace for tech innovation unseen since the advent of the app store 15 years ago.

To keep marketing technology at the forefront of this wave, we have developed a pod of 13 Anything is Possible GPTs to create a platform where users can explore and harness the power of AI-driven language models for practical, real-world marketing and advertising solutions.


GPT- Great Practical Tools

Our own AI journey began on day one of the agency in 2018, when we created our virtual assistant aiPete. The impact of machine learning, LLMs and artificial intelligence is already visible across our agency and we share its benefits with our partners every day. 

We’ve been training clients new and old alike in bringing these technologies into their own organisations, across marketing, operations and and beyond. By releasing our suite of GPTs we are making our skills, expertise and solutions available to a wider audience than ever before.

So we’ve created sector-specific GPTs for targeted solutions, each handmade to tackle the unique challenges of the media, marketing and advertising industry:

  • Education Marketing Assistant: Creating tailored marketing strategies for academic institutions
  • Ecommerce Marketing Assistant: Enhanced tools for achieving online retail success
  • Tourism Marketing Assistant: Developing innovative solutions for travel and hospitality marketing
  • Finance Marketing Assistant: Customised approaches for the financial sector
  • FMCG Marketing Assistant: Planning and tactics to thrive in the fast-moving consumer goods arena
  • Retail Marketing Assistant: Techniques to elevate both brick-and-mortar and online retail.

The value in our suite of GPTs lies in their specialisation. While ChatGPT is broad and versatile, our GPTs are fine-tuned for specific tasks.

For instance, our Ad Creative Analyser is a highly-trained expert in decoding the individual elements of messaging, placement and design that drive customer engagement with your creative assets. Our Education Marketing Assistant has a wealth of knowledge about global recruitment trends, based on our years of experience delivering award-winning recruitment solutions in this sector.

We have also built tailored GPT capability for specific Marketing tasks. Here are some of the things that they can do:

  • Landing Page Optimiser: Elevating visitor engagement and skyrocketing conversion rates on your destination pages
  • Advertising A/B Testing Tool: Fine-tuning ad campaigns through insightful comparative analysis
  • Ad Creative Analyser: Unveiling the secrets of creative elements for maximum impact
  • Ad Performance Analyser: Key metric-focused evaluation of advertising effectiveness
  • SEO Assistant: Crafting optimised content for superior search engine rankings
  • Data Capture Optimiser: Enhancing the efficiency of data collection methods, such as lead generation forms.



Access to these game-changing GPTs is currently reserved for ChatGPT Plus subscribers. But with the imminent launch of the GPT Store we’ll soon be able to make their GPTs available to the whole world. 

The integration of AI into marketing isn’t just a trend; it’s a transformative shift. We want our suite of GPTs to serve as your gateway into this new era. Embrace the change, empower your marketing, and let’s achieve the impossible together. 

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*ChatGPT Plus account required