How is 2021 treating you so far? Here at Anything is Possible we’re doing pretty good. But  there is that nagging feeling we’ve been sitting down a lot more than normal lately. And maybe a bit ‘stuck inside’. So we’re putting our best foot forward and stepping into Spring with our charity walkathon.

So what is it?

Since the start of February we’ve been pushing forward: getting moving, getting outside and getting giving! 

We have set ourselves a goal of collectively walking 5,000,000 steps this month – if we reach it, Anything is Possible will donate £1,000 to charity.

Why is walking so great?

A brisk 30 minute walk over five days a week can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke by 20-35%, type 2 diabetes by 30-40% and some cancers by 20-30%. 

Walking helps to improve mental health – regular walking can reduce your risk of depression and dementia by 20-30%, improve your sleep, and prevent and reduce anxiety and stress.

But really we’re doing it because we want to give to charity and…

In true competitive style, the agency has grouped into teams for the charity walkathon. We each have our own target of leading the charge, topping the charts and getting on the front foot with the most team steps at the end of February.

The prize? Choosing which charity aip will donate too! 

Which team do you think will take the top step on the podium? Will it be the reluctant power-walkers Legs Miserable? Or will the Red Hot Chilli Steppers pull their socks up?

That’s not all though…

There are also prizes along the way, watch this space to see the team who is most improved, the team who manages the most inventive ‘team’ walk, most unique walking attire, unusual ground covered and best selfie! 

These boots are made for walkathon

We’re nearly halfway through and going strong. This week’s cold weather may have slowed our progress – but we’re seriously thinking we might have to set ourselves some stretch goals.

That reminds me: I must remember to stretch – my feet are killing me…