It’s great to close out another week at aip with more good news:

We are proud to announce that following our recent application, Anything is Possible has been elected into full membership by the IPA council.

An industry institution for over 100 years, the IPA is the professional body representing the UK’s dynamic media, marketing and advertising sector. They are the power behind the practitioners.

The IPA sets the agenda and standards for best practice in the industry, and their endorsement represents a big step forward for aip. It means we are able to give our clients even better service and assurance of the quality of our work.  

aip‘s CEO Sam Fenton-Elstone said

“Anything is Possible are not a traditional agency. Our commitment to transparency and putting the client’s needs ahead of our own represents a challenge to business-as-usual in the industry. That’s why it’s great that the IPA have recognised the value of the work we do. We are really excited to be working with them to raise the bar and make all our peers realise that it’s time to do better.”