Recently, there have been multiple articles identifying the benefits of upskilling the workforce, one article suggesting it may be a way of overcoming ‘the great resignation’ we’re facing as an economy.

Companies want to keep their current staff, and improve their businesses – it’s being pushed to them that building upskilling programmes is a great way to do this, and looking for external sources for support. As businesses start to invest more in their employees, HE institutions can provide the perfect solution, especially through online and part time qualifications. 

Appealing directly to the workforce is one way to target this audience, as they’re being encouraged to own their own learning plans in the aim of upskilling, however targeting HR managers and learning departments is another, and possibly stronger way to do this. Affiliate marketing can be a great way to reach HR departments, however it is crucial to build long term relationships within this, rather than cold, sporadic email schemes – become a brand which HR managers can recognise and depend on, so they’re more likely to recommend your course to their CEO/team.

Building trust through emails is key, but it’s important to be clever about it – a WARC study proved that the email marketing attention span of a general customer is now averaged at 10.0 seconds – down 15% from 2020’s average and is 25% shorter than in 2018.  Consumers are most likely to engage with an email if they recognise the brand, the email is relevant – coming back to our two key points, build your brand trust, and add value to these HR managers’ lives.