Tech has become the vital edge for universities and public sector bodies to stay ahead of the competition. We’re delighted to announce that our Clearing Monitor solution has picked up two more nominations for Anything is Possible at the UK Search awards.

This time we’re in both the Best Software Innovation and Best use of Search – Third Sector/Not for Profit categories.

Clearing Monitor technology enables universities to take effective control of their Search marketing/PPC success.  This unique search intelligence tool increases the flow of information to multiple parallel ad campaigns, facilitating better optimisation and tactical decision-making, to reduce costs and boost ROI.

It gives Higher Education marketers the flexible, modern approach to data that is so crucial for Clearing today – integrating with existing search platforms to create an optimised experience for their Clearing day teams.

Amid the chaos of Clearing over the past two years, Clearing Monitor has made a critical difference. It helped enable our client City, University of London to handle the extra complexity as uncertain students’ search behaviour became even more unpredictable – and forced up the cost of search success as the algorithms struggled to keep pace.

Committed to award winning academic excellence

For Students, Clearing is increasingly a day for selecting the best available options. Even students who make the grade for their primary offers use Clearing to ensure they get the best course.

Clearing isn’t a matter of last resort. It’s an optimal moment for making the best possible decision.

City’s Clearing applicants come from a competitive field of aspiring young professional undergraduate and postgraduate students. City’s connection to the Square Mile means it provides the best of both worlds, combining a top-notch education plus a once-in-a-lifetime experience in one of the world’s business and culture capitals. This internationally recognised educational institution reflects a commitment to achieving the highest levels of professional attainment for its students.

Thanks to Clearing Monitor – and Anything is Possible’s search marketing experts – City were able to drive down cost-per-click and make every engagement count. Beyond the click, the Clearing page web visits converted at a higher rate, and delivered both more and a higher quality of candidate, proving the tool’s effectiveness during Clearing – a moment of critical importance and uncertainty to City.

We are excited by this UK Search Awards nomination as it demonstrates our commitment to making bespoke tech solutions to answering our client’s challenges. Unifying Technology, Creative and Media is how we make a difference to our clients’ mission, and Clearing Monitor shows the impact it can have on business objectives at the most critical times.

If you have a challenge that is unique to your business – and you probably do – reach out to speak to our experts about our award winning media tech solutions.