On Friday the 25th October, myself, Lois, Natalie and Lily attended TedxBrighton at the Brighton Dome.

This years theme was ‘Turning Point – moments that change the world forever’. Speakers from all walks of life took to the stage to share a powerful experience that illustrated a key turning point in their life. The lineup included the likes of a Conservationist, a Refugee entering the art and design world, an ex-Convict and an accidental children’s author. Despite coming from very different backgrounds they all shared one common goal – to inspire, and reflect on their own experiences so that they could make their own and others better.

The day was made up of 4 sections. In total, we listened to 16 speakers. Every talk was emotionally inspiring however in this blog post we will discuss a couple which really stood out to the aip team.

Joss Perring spoke at the start of the day and really moved us all. Joss spoke about how society has limited his abilities more so than the physical challenges that he faces day to day being disabled. He is now a performing arts student preaching the value of inclusivity and defying expectations of what he and others in a similar position, are capable of achieving. We were amazed by his awe-inspiring outlook on life.

We also really loved Majid Adin’s talk. Adin shared his touching story about the struggles he faced for many years as a refugee who fled to Europe following persecution in Iran. Amazingly, just shortly after he arrived in England, his extraordinary talent won him an international competition to animate the official music video to Rocket Man. ‘In his own interpretation of Elton John’s iconic hit, Iranian filmmaker and refugee Majid Adin reimagines “Rocket Man” to tell a new story of adventure, loneliness and hope’ . See his work here.

We had a great day at TedxBrighton. Thank you to all of the incredible speakers. Ted Talks are important as they challenge us to rethink our outlook on life. It is really valuable to take time out to learn and grow from others and their experiences. Gaining from others allows us to develop, encourages us from making mistakes and can frequently help with our own basic leadership.

Find out about all of the speakers here.