The future of innovative advertising platforms is in the intersections between smart management and disruptive content.

The emergence of the players discussed in our new report are signs of a welcome trend in the industry that reflects a key part of Anything is Possible’s agency ethos.

To be blunt about it: Advertising has gotten lazy. To find out what we’re doing about it, download our new report:

When the new become necessary: 10 platforms and perspectives changing how we think about advertising

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For too long the industry has emphasised tech and targeting over creativity and connection. We reduced people and feelings to numbers and categories in the name of so-called efficiency, and the industry suffered for it.

But audiences aren’t standing for it.

They are wise to fake news, actively managing their own privacy, and refusing the abuse of surveillance and targeting technology.

So it’s time to course-correct.

Right under the noses of the established giants, TikTok and Twitch have built armies of engaged followers who relate to creative advertising content in whole new ways. Podcasts and newsletters have become important channels for credible, specialist brands to reach cohesive, high-value audiences.

Some of the platforms and tech we explore in this report are brand new.

Some have been around a while.

But all are offering constructive ways of thinking about advertising. Meeting and empowering audiences to make authentic choices.  

They are connecting new perspectives that resonate with peoples’ lives and needs, and sharing them through channels and platforms that meet them where they are. 

This report is about those channels and platforms.

Where you find them, what they can do, how we use them to build out the stories we need to tell each other for the world ahead.