A recent article from thought leader David Indo on getting the best results from your media, marketing or advertising agency relationship by being ‘a good client’ contains a lot of truth. Anyone familiar with the realities of client – agency relationships will see plenty to recognise there.

He has some brilliant advice to help clients get the most from their agency and ensure their promises and practicalities align as advertised.

But from the other side of the client-agency relationship, it’s important to understand that there is a lot the agency can do to reciprocate – and anticipate – the difficulties that may be encountered along the way.

In other words, agencies get the clients they deserve. And an agency is only as good as their clients. So unless we make it easy for clients to be good, we’ve only ourselves to blame.

If you do that right, every client becomes a good client. Here’s what we do to make agencies better, and our client partners happy:

True value from true partnerships

We know that building meaningful long term partnerships delivers the best results. A true partnership is where each side is making a valuable contribution to each other and our shared goals. Particularly during uncertain times, the strength of good partnerships and a shared value for empathy in what we do is fundamental.

Small agencies might be perceived as struggling to meet multiple commitments, but this can be solved by effective planning and total transparency. We might be small but we have a big mission to push from the grassroots-up to make the industry do better – on transparency, on constructive commercial models, on conscious advertising.

We are always clear on these values as they are the essence of Anything is Possible, and this inspires our clients to want to work with us and be that good client.

Having clear values is not the only reason for our healthy client – agency relationships.

Our Possiblist attitude and spirit is one we hope rubs off. We instill the belief that nothing is out of our influence.

Our success is driven by integrity and honesty, which in turn leads to trust.

We ensure total visibility throughout our campaigns. Stakeholders see the lot: every penny and impression. We do in turn ask our clients to be as transparent with us. Having full visibility on their business goals and objectives is key to ensuring we can always meet stakeholder expectations.

But effective processes need collaboration. Having clients in different sectors means being adaptable and optimising processes for every agency relationship.

We like to work as openly and as collaboratively as our clients will let us. From helping with defining the goals, working out a clear vision for communications through to a fully thought out approach to bring their vision to life.

And most importantly – with no hidden surprises along the way.

From agency relationships to true partnerships

The level of transparency and collaboration is constant and applied to everything we do, at every stage. Even down to the reporting we provide, which is tailored to our partners’ bespoke needs.

We invest in industry leading tools to live our brand promise. When the tools don’t exist for the job, our devs rewrite the script and build. Our proprietary reporting tool aipinsights uniquely provides clients with full visibility on the delivery of their campaign and the impact of their investment. 

Bettering ourselves is really important too. We take training and development really seriously and run workshops both internally and with our clients. Sharing our insights out in the open ultimately makes our work more meaningful and our agency relationships stronger.

Better working standards and quality expertise moving throughout the industry is a sustainable benefit to everyone. We love to share what we know with our clients, and look at every interaction as a learning opportunity of our own. 

Most importantly, we take the time to learn from our clients’ experiences. We listen. This is what helps make improvements happen and continues to build trust.

We’re pretty proud of what we’ve achieved through the upheavals of 2020. In light of the way all our relationships have had to change, our proudest achievements are the agency relationships we have built. 

We can’t wait to build some more. Get in touch and let’s start yours today.