During the highly-anticipated and much-discussed Google I/O event last week, Google revealed its latest development: the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into its search engine. That’s right: AI search is now officially A Thing. 

This remarkable advance in search technology aims to enhance user experiences, deliver more relevant search results, and revolutionise the way we interact with information on the internet.

As SEOs, we can expect some notable changes on the horizon.


The power of AI search

For the past couple of decades, Google has been the go-to search engine for the majority of users worldwide.

However, with Microsoft’s search engine AI integration plans, Google swiftly joined the AI bandwagon and has now followed up with their own AI integration announcement.

So, what can we expect from this development?


Google’s new AI-generated content feature

Google will now serve users comprehensive answers to their queries directly in full sentences, similar to the style of ChatGPT.  However, Google has said that the style of its AI generated information will be more factual than conversational. 

This means that users will no longer need to navigate through numerous blue link listings or scour various sources to gather information. Additionally, the ability to ask follow-up questions enables users to refine and enhance their search experience.

It’s important to mention that Google has clarified that it won’t provide generated answers for queries related to health or finance (aka the good old Your Money or Your Life principle). This is to ensure that users seeking critical information are directed to trusted and reliable sources.


Implications for SEO 

As SEOs, our goal is to ultimately drive organic traffic to businesses websites. How we achieve this will have to adapt and evolve with the advancing AI search-driven landscape. 

The integration of AI into Google’s search engine marks one of the most significant changes in search in recent years. We’ll have to wait and see how this all plays out. Until then, we’re looking forward to the exciting developments that lie ahead in the coming weeks.


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