We believe Anything is Possible. You should too. To help you become a believer we’re inspiring you with Possibilist stories from all walks of the world. Sharing amazing human innovation, courage, commitment and achievements that came from daring to be different and breaking the rules. This is a special one: the story of the Fosbury Flop.


RIP Dick Fosbury March 6, 1947 – March 12, 2023

In the 1960s, high jump was not the sport we recognise today. There was no agreement on the best technique for propelling the human body to its maximum height. Elite jumpers used an amusing mish-mash of styles to clear the high bar, ranging from the Western Roll to the Eastern cutoff, the straddle to the scissors. Then one day along came Dick Fosbury, a high school student from Oregon, who decided to think differently – and revolutionised the sport. 

Fosbury noticed that he was not very successful with the traditional technique, and he began to experiment with a new approach. He would run towards the bar with his back to it and jump over it by arching his back, flinging his legs over the bar and landing on his back.

This technique, now known as the “Fosbury Flop,” was considered unconventional and ridiculed by many at first. It’s worth noting that standard high-jump equipment at the time did not include a crash-mat. His was truly a head-first leap into the unknown, with just a few inches of sand to break his fall. However, Fosbury believed in his approach and continued to refine it until he became a master of it.

As later studies would show, Fosbury had worked out the optimal way of transferring the human body’s centre of gravity upwards (the leap) upon a moving axis (the run-up and the fall).


An original Possibilist

Fosbury’s unconventional technique proved to be a game-changer in the world of high jump. He went on to win a gold medal at the 1968 Olympics and set a new Olympic record using his “Fosbury Flop” technique. Today, this technique is the standard in high jump, with all the alternatives obsolete and unused since the mid-1970s. 

Dick Fosbury was an original Possibilist and someone who teaches us fundamentals we bring into life everyday here at Anything is Possible. ‘How’, I hear you ask… Well, let me tell you.


The Possibilist way

Firstly, Fosbury was willing to challenge the status quo and think differently. He recognised that the traditional technique was not working for him, and he was willing to experiment with a new approach. At Anything is Possible we apply this lesson by questioning industry norms and being open to exploring new and unconventional ways of doing things. So that we can drive innovation with our clients and keep them two steps ahead of the rest. 

Secondly, Fosbury believed in his approach, even when others ridiculed him. He persevered, continued to refine his technique, and ultimately succeeded. When the going gets tough, believing in a unique approach and not being afraid to take risks is what we stand for. We help bring ambitious ideas and new ways of working to life in organisations to pave the way for better results and higher impact. 

Finally, Fosbury’s success ultimately changed the perception and behaviour of the entire industry, something Anything is Possible is working every day to do. Striving to help our clients generate something out of the ordinary, that will grab the attention of their audience and set them apart from their competitors.


Dick Fosbury’s story is an excellent example of how challenging the status quo and striving to generate something out of the ordinary can lead to great success. A true great and an original ‘Possibilist’ who we will forever speak of and be inspired by. Rest in peace Dick, and thanks for showing us the way.  

Will you leap in his shoes and dare to be different? You never know what might happen.