‘Anything is Possible has shown an impressive commitment to learning and development with clear links made to commercial results. We loved so many of their initiatives, combining personal growth with the culture that the agency wants to nurture.’

We’re delighted to announce that just two years after receiving IPA membership we have been awarded the Institute’s coveted Gold CPD Accreditation.

Awarded annually to member agencies, the accreditation recognises our true commitment to building a progressive and effective culture of learning. It reflects one of our founding agency missions: to improve the professionalism and reputation of the media, marketing and advertising industries.

Investing heavily in the skills and achievements of our colleagues is how we provide great work for our clients. By creating a space for teams and individuals to flourish, the agency has developed a culture of excellence and innovation that produces effective change for our clients and partners.

It’s not a nice to have.

Its the only way we can keep at the forefront of the rapid evolution at the intersection of Media, Tech and Creative.

To keep learning and development at the forefront of what we do, we run our agency like a university, with the IPA’s CPD platform as our online campus:

  • Research Being at the forefront of experimentation and understanding of the advertising industry.

  • Teaching A focus on individual development driving agency progression and long-term career success.

  • Alumni A growing talent network invested in Anything is Possible’s longevity through an innovative benefits package, with lifelong L&D funding for all employees.

And of course, CPD Gold Accreditation is only awarded to agencies who can show that investment in people and learning has made a real contribution to success.

In savings and efficiencies. In process and improvements. And in our clients’ business outcomes. 

Learning through adversity

We are particularly proud to have developed this culture of learning excellence throughout the turbulence of the pandemic era. It presented a huge challenge to creating a positive agency culture. But building through it has been vital to the way we work. 

Living up to the promise of our brand takes two things. Great clients, bold enough to join our journey. And great colleagues, ambitious to become the best version of themselves. Since our founding four years ago, the agency has committed to providing all the learning and development support necessary for both.

The COVID-19 pandemic arrived at the same instant we became accepted as IPA members. It presented a dilemma. To secure our position and wait for the storm to pass. Or double-down on our investment in capability.

At moments like that our name holds us to a clear choice. We took the opportunity and continued to invest in talent, just when the industry was contracting. We attracted world-class talent, expanding capability and propelling rapid growth. 

Supporting this new intake required a clear process for induction and onboarding that lived up to our promises. And it required an approach to CPD which could meet our new colleagues’ ambitions.

Shining a light

To work like we do, getting smart and staying smart is essential. And it’s something you have to work at. Our CPD strategy has helped us understand and work towards our true worth. The confidence learning gives to our staff improves their performance. But it also improves their awareness and ability to communicate the value of their performance.

Doubling down on L&D has led to great improvements in our retention rates of both clients and colleagues. But it also had a multiplier effect. Individuals, actively pushed to be as smart as they can be, transform the agency in unexpected ways. It makes us grow faster and into new areas like Broadcast. It turns new agency capabilities like SEO and Tech into ongoing revenue generators.


We never get tired of showing people what that culture of L&D excellence looks like in practice.

But if you want to see it in action, as a colleague, client or partner, you only really need to learn one thing:

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