At Anything is Possible we are always trying to see what is coming over the horizon, looking for those things that have only recently become possible. (Or are soon-to-be.) Enter the metaverse…

As part of this continuing endeavour we set up some meeting spaces in VR to try to see how it feels collaborating in a virtual space.

One thing that really surprised me was the pass through technology. It’s an interesting approach and shows how Meta is coming at AR from VR and slowly allowing chosen elements of the real world to ‘pass through’ into your virtual environment.

This is in contrast to the approach Apple and others are taking of choosing virtual objects to place into the real world.

Take a look at the video above to see what I was seeing in our virtual office as team members dialled in and I took them through some things I was working on.

The Meta pass through approach recognised my Apple magic keyboard and prompted me to bring it into the VR environment. Once I accepted a VR facsimile of the keyboard it appeared exactly where my real keyboard was located in from of me. But what really blew my mind was that if I looked down at the keyboard, my cartoonish virtual hands seamlessly transitioned to a black and white camera-accurate view of my real hands. The effect was so good I could type very naturally on my real keyword from within the VR environment with no dissonance.

Bringing my laptop’s screen mirrored into the VR environment meant I could work on a virtual screen and keyboard as naturally as I would on my computer. It was uncanny and for me marked a real leap forward in the practical use cases for VR.

If you would like help setting up a virtual office or understanding how this sort of tech might help your business please do get in touch. Headsets optional.