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Natalie Delplanque

Natalie Delplanque

Digital Performance Director

Natalie is our paid media partner. Passionate and experienced, with a relentless commitment to success. She recognises the opportunities for clients to do things better, challenging the industry and themselves. She shapes the approach and direction taken within Anything is Possible’s digital team, pollinating learnings from colleagues and industry practitioners. 

With over 12 years experience Natalie is able to deal with the toughest of client challenges. A freelance consultant in South Africa before joining our team of Possiblists. She has delivered media for the likes of Apple, Roche and the BBC.

Possiblist moment

I ran the Brighton Marathon in 2010. And I home schooled my six year old for seven months during lockdown. Not sure which of these two things was toughest but I embraced them both, survived and learned from the experiences!