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Lee Davies

Lee Davies

Tech Lead

Lee is the driving force behind our tech and data teams as they find new ways to solve complex challenges. And he leads the development of our suite of standalone tools including AdMonitor, Clearing Monitor and SearchShare. 

He works across our client portfolio, delivering vital tech innovations for Kinship, Imperial College London, City, University of London, BUNAC, Bordeaux Index, Royal Museums Greenwich and many others.

An early internet native, Lee founded a web design and development agency back in 1996. His career has guided and followed the evolving tech landscape, encompassing web and mobile app development, real-time data analysis and electronic payment systems. 

Buoyed by his experience using digital advertising to positively influence peoples’ behaviour whilst fighting a European and a general election as Head of Digital for the Green Party. Lee joined Anything is Possible, emboldened by our stance on ethical effectiveness.

Possiblist moment

Taking tech to Westminster to fight for a brighter future.