Our Founding Principles

By Sam,

Setting up a new business is an exciting, and sometimes overwhelming process. You have a blank canvas in front of you and you get to decide what goes on it. What that means for us at aip is the chance to build an agency in the right way from the start. To focus on the areas that matter and deliver a service model that is fit for today and ready for tomorrow.

When you’re looking at the blank canvas, thinking about what you want to build, you begin to think to yourself that anything is possible. It’s this view of the world that underpins our business, unites our people and gives us our brand name.

We established five principles that are the foundations for what we do every day, how we do it and where we take our clients.


Every agency is talking about transparency these days. The problem is, a lot of it is just talk, and it shouldn’t be an issue at all really.

Our business is built on:

Cost transparency – We agree fair, open and flexible commercial agreements with our clients so you understand exactly where your budget is going and have full visibility of the media supply chain.

Data transparency – Every client has full access to all campaign performance data. All the data we use abides by GDPR and we are fully auditable when required.

Platform transparency – All clients get access to the platforms we use on their behalf. They see what we see and we help them to develop their knowledge.

Nothing is hidden because we are proud of the value we bring to our client partnerships.

Connect & automate

We get excited when we can connect and automate things.  We move time from tasks that generate minimum value into tasks that generate lots of value.

Everything works, all our platforms connect, in a seamless way. From planning, buying, optimisation and reporting, our campaigns integrate across channels, platforms and teams.

We use world class technology across our business. For internal communication systems, client communications and media platforms.

All of this builds momentum for our clients’ business as we remove the wastage so many agencies suffer from.


Working with us is easy. In fact, we will be the easiest partner you have ever worked with. 

That’s our commitment to you. We empower our clients to have control, to have the right information they need, when they need it.

We are proactive and insightful. And always available.


Working with us helps you to work smarter. Working for us helps you to become smarter.

Bespoke training for client teams is built into every partnership and we show clients what we do and how we do it. We help clients onboard our skills into their business so they can have more control on the direction of their marketing strategies.

We provide long-term development and improvement of our people, investing in personal development programmes that extend beyond the day-to-day and even beyond their time at aip.


Flexible working and diverse talent delivers better performance. We think that people who think differently help us to deliver better solutions.

We invested our money and time into adding value. That means no unnecessary layers that bloat costs.

We build teams around your specific needs.

On these principles we have an agency built in the right way, and one that is ready for tomorrow.

Our canvas isn’t blank now, we have a real business with real clients. 

Get in touch at hello@aip.media and we can have a chat about partnering.