Fix Advertising, Save the World

By Chloe Hague,

Event review

At aip we are always on the lookout for the most exciting events and talks in the industry, and so we couldn’t miss out on attending the Fix Advertising, Save the World event.

On the 23rd of September, myself and Natalie made our way to the impressive Samsung KX space in Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross. The conference was made up of three panel sessions and workshops, hosted by a range of perspectives drawn from advertising and beyond.

The first talk of the afternoon focused on inclusion and combating hate in the industry. It covered how, as advertisers, we can take back control in ensuring our ads are brand safe and what measures we can take to ensure our ads don’t appear against harmful and irrelevant content.

According to the IAS Media Quality report, 6.8% of all buy types in the UK are identified as having a ‘moderate’ to ‘very high’ brand risk. Although this seems like a low percentage, it is too common that ads get positioned next to damaging or irrelevant content without consent. The panel discussed how advertisers can prevent funding hate speech, ad fraud and fake news through their advertising campaigns . This has always been our perspective at aip and is one of the many reasons we have partnered with CAN (Conscious Advertising Network). You can read more about our partnership at the end of this blog post.

The second topic was on the future of targeting, brought to us by the Mozilla Foundation and Critical Purpose. These are two organisations with the same goal – making the internet a safer place. The talk was focused around what we can do to prevent our personal data being used without consent, in a negative or harmful way. There were also mentions of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which has resurfaced due to the release of the Netflix documentary – The Great Hack (watch it now if you haven’t seen it!). This documentary sheds light on how a political firm manipulated the use of data during the electoral process in 2017. Furthermore, this has been a hot topic in recent times and very relevant to the nature of conversation from the speakers during this talk.

Event speakers

And finally, Will Skeaping from Extinction Rebellion (also known as XR) and Jonathan Wise from Purpose Disruptors, discussed how advertisers can contribute to avoiding a climate crisis. 

Will provided an emotional and powerful breakdown of some of the shocking consequences that the planet will suffer in years to come. Ocean acidification, mass species extinction, sea-level rise, heat stress will result in mass migrations, famine, and worsened weather systems. The significance wasn’t lost on the audience and there were more than a few tears in the house.

Jonathan followed this by highlighting  the collective meaningful actions that the advertising industry can take to help address the climate emergency. 

Brands & agencies should promote sustainable values and behaviours. They should start challenging clients to change any practices which support any environmental damage. Agencies should also stop working on briefs that aren’t committed to net-zero (“Net zero” alludes to accomplishing a general harmony between outflows created and discharges removed from the environment).

Samsung KX building

Overall, the day was inspirational and informative. We came away knowing what steps we can take as an agency and as an industry to help the climate crisis and what measures we can take to ensure our ads don’t get placed next to irrelevant content.

It’s important we all do our bit within the industry to help tackle these issues, and at aip we want to ensure we are doing all that we can to help support the incredible work that’s going on.

We created our business to challenge the advertising industry, improve ad trading standards and deliver more for our clients and the people we target, and so it’s important as a business we support our colleagues in this important mission. 

So, what actions are we taking?

Protecting your brand and enabling transparency

We are proud to be the first agency in the world to partner with Fenestra, a media ledger built on blockchain to provide full transparency through the media supply chain.

aip and Fenestra have recently been nominated for a DADI award under the category ‘Best tech platform’. Read more about our nomination.

As a Fenestra partner, we will only work with media partners and platforms that provide full disclosure. Fenestra enables us to have full visibility on where our clients’ advertising spend is going, enabling us to have increased clarity on protecting our clients’ brands.

Read more about our exciting partnership with Fenestra in our previous blog post here.

Helping to stop advertising abuse

We have also joined the Conscious Advertising Network (CAN), who was present and supported the event. Their own mission is to stop advertising abuse by highlighting the conscious choices advertisers and agencies can make to ensure good practice. We are committed to supporting CAN’s manifestos as a means to create better modern advertising. 

Find out more about our partnership with CAN, and their 6 manifestos in our blog post here.

The power of advertising for good

We work with partners that share our values. One of our favourites is Good-Loop, the “Programmatic video ad platform Good-Loop could revolutionize advertising forever” (Forbes). In a short talk given by Good-Loop at the event, we heard more about how they are acting to improve society and the environment by providing a platform for brands to talk to their customers in a respectful, positive, and interactive way.

Good-Loop have recently been awarded a BIMA for their work with Nestle.

If you want to find out more about the exciting work we’ve been doing, or even to discuss how we can work together to help support fixing advertising in today’s world, get in touch with one of our friendly experts at