Developing a brand identity – Part 1

By Matt Foale,

creating a logo - anything is possible

Creating a Logo

Being asked to create a brand from the ground up is always an exciting opportunity, especially when it’s for two good friends and ex-colleagues starting out on a new venture. So when Sam and Mark approached me to work on their identity I was both excited and a little nervous. No pressure right?!

From the onset, their mission for aip was to build a new kind of agency, to break the industry mould and do things differently. As such, the brief demanded an unabashed brand identity that could communicate their vision. The design of Anything is Possible was to be optimistic and inspiring, yet professional and authoritative.

logo sketches - anything is possible


Our aim was to create a logo for aip that could stand up to the rigours of a modern market place. It had to be adaptable, memorable, and instantly recognisable.

Initial sketches explored both symbol and letterform logos, before a typographic style was chosen. Focusing on the acronym for Anything is Possible as the primary element of the logo felt like the logical route to take. This could best communicate a clean, no fuss message, one of the core principles of aip. After experimenting with various typefaces, a bespoke letterform was crafted.

logo designs - anything is possible

logo design - anything is possible


The next phase was to pair the logo with a typeface to create a variant. We experimented with a variety of typefaces, including Avenir, Montserrat, Chalet (Paris Nineteen Seventy) and Brown.

After much debate Montserrat was chosen for its bold and contemporary feel. It’s availability on google fonts was also a big deciding factor. This enables aip to use the same typeface across all its communication collateral, creating a cohesive and consistent visual language.

The final design used Montserrat Light with a double story “a” in media.

montserrat typeface - anything s possiblee

double story a - anything is possible

final logo design - anything is possible


It goes without saying that a brand is more than just a logo. In the next post we’ll examine how we explored colour to bring the aip logo to life.


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