New report: COVID-19 and media buying

By Sam,

COVID-19 and media buying
In any period of disruption, opportunities arise alongside the challenges. Media consumption is shifting due to COVID-19 and media buying will follow suit. Adjust to the new reality with our expert insight in aip’s new report.

COVID-19 and media buying |
Anticipating a change in the new normal

Since the beginning of the outbreak, aip have been monitoring the media impact of COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 on user behaviour and industry media buying.

It is becoming increasingly clear that few aspects of everyday life and surrounding media environments will remain unaffected. 

Although it is impossible to predict the full impact of such an event, some core underlying behaviours are already emerging as new norms in response.
In this new report we share our view on how these and other media buying environments are being affected now – and into the new normal:
OOH advertising
Temporarily, brands should pause or review their Out-Of-Home advertising investment. But plan now for the bounce back, because when it comes it will be big…
TV, VOD & Digital Video
Big chunks of the schedule which were out of bounds are now back in play, so smart brands will increase investment throughout the day.
As streaming choices increasingly personalise, audience profiling and smart targeting of audio spend will be crucial.

Is social advertising about to undergo another generational uplift? As usage rises, so do opportunities for brands who step up with positive contributions for freshly consolidated audiences. 
Pro-tip: keep an eye on wish-list searching and think about the lookback window. ‘Boredom browsing’ for aspirational lifestyle products is about to become a popular pastime.
Over the coming days and weeks aip will continue monitoring all the relevant trends and data sources to optimise our advice and provide the high levels of service and insight our clients have come to expect.

If you have any questions about how the ongoing situation will affect your media strategy, we would love to hear from you.