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Possiblist moment!

OS have gone big! This includes creation of a brand video (for a very long time) and getting them to run on TV!


Ordnance Survey is responsible for a UK-wide network of GPS stations otherwise known as “OS Net”. They are responsible for creating, maintaining and distributing detailed location information for Great Britain. With over 500 million geospatial features in the Ordnance Survey (OS) master map up-to-date. These are used for a variety of purposes including surveying and mapping, but other organisations can also purchase the right to utilise the network for their own uses.

We were tasked with introducing people to the Ordnance Survey brand as a gifting go to. Encouraging and converting purchases this Christmas but also establishing OS as a preferred brand for future gifting intentions.

They required specialist knowledge of, and strong relationships with, the main domestic media channels/owners in order to connect Ordnance Survey to customers via improved understanding of the brand, products and how OS can help them.


With a client keen to push the boundaries, we took a proactively consultative approach to media buying, pioneering across a range of channels and leveraging consumer trends to engage audiences for effective Christmas and Black Friday campaigns. We set out to engage warm prospects through real-time search data, when intent was at its strongest, as well as lightly re-engaging sitewide users to the OS product range. Converting high intent audiences with core product retargeting.

We utilised programmatic to leverage our data partners, targeting live intent audiences with programmatic display, the very moment they show intent, directly from a search engine query or onsite search.

Ozone are the largest pool of UK premium content, combining 90+ editorially governed sites that are highly trusted and brand safe. Their strong placements combined with rich data segments ensured we targeted shoppers and Outdoor enthusiasts to maximise sales uplift.

YouTube was a point of special consideration for this campaign. Our solution was to use YouTube to target in-market outdoor enthusiasts & adventurists using search signals to support and champion key revenue drivers. Entice potential consumers with product offers, supporting a full range of products. Capturing attention on the big screens as YouTube user shift viewing habits.

It also has the benefit of being able to track and optimise towards sales. So we were able to show that this tactic delivered the lowest average cost per purchase out of the channel mix.


View rate across YouTube for the 30 second video asset was 49% – significantly higher than industry average and above the benchmark target of 30%.

Completed views came in at 1.2 million – this was lower than forecast as the CPM was higher than anticipated over the Christmas period – £10 v £5 target.

There was a 12.9-point percentage increase in brand lift across Facebook Ads, this is accurate to a 99% confidence interval.

Facebook Ads generated 3k purchases (not including dynamic retargeting), this was against a forecast of 1.9k.

‘Part of my DNA’ and broad demographic audience targeting generated the most volume, allowing Facebook’s algorithm to find a converting audience that helped to drive this level of performance.

Programmatic display also contributed to 1.4k purchases against a target of 634.

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