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The Kinship brands of Wisdom Panel, Whistle and The Wildest are well established in the US, but had previously only had a soft launch in the UK. Our initial focus was to increase the dominance of the pet DNA testing product of Wisdom Panel to the UK market. 

Brands within this category in the UK, including Wisdom Panel, have historically focused on acquisition tactics to drive sales. We developed a strategy to develop a pet lifestyle brand, enabling consumers to be the best Pet Parents. This involved creating a funnel communications approach to drive awareness of both the brand and the category, and win the sales battle at point of purchase.


  • Grow the understanding of and demand for pet DNA testing 
  • Demonstrate the superiority of Wisdom Panel compared to other products available 
  • Gain first mover category advantage before other brands increase share
  • Build on brand reputation to reduce the reliance on sales promotions 



Our partnership started with an evaluation project to understand the current demand and opportunities within the pet DNA space. This involved highlighting the differences within the UK and US markets, informing our strategy for creating a dominating brand. 


We wanted to ensure that the transactional fundamentals were in place. Initially we focused on evolving their existing sales approach, improving buying efficiencies across acquisition channels.


Once the house was in order, we shifted our focus to higher funnel metrics of increasing brand awareness and consideration. In addition to widening our digital targeting and expanding into awareness opportunities, we added broadcast channels to the plan through TV, VOD and OOH activity. With competitors focusing their marketing activity into the digital space, we saw this as the best opportunity to break away from the pack. To begin this approach, we sponsored ITV’s ‘The Secret Life of Our Pets’, providing a contextually relevant environment to connect with a nation of Pet lovers. This was followed by linear spot placements in ‘Paul O’Grady’s For the Love of Dogs’ and  ‘The Pet Show’. We also had OOH and AV support around Crufts.


Our creative team were in charge of making the Wisdom Panel brand relevant to a UK audience, using our host of data insights to hit the right balance of factual and emotional triggers within our communications.


This combination of tactics has led to fantastic growth for the Wisdom Panel brand. 

Our initial focus on digital efficiencies delivered a YoY unit sales increase of 143% for the first month of our partnership. This increased to a 561% increase for the first quarter, once the wider plan was implemented. 

On the day of the first episode of our TV sponsorship, website traffic increased by 77% compared to the previous month. 

During the 6 months of the partnership we delivered an ROI of 1.78, exceeding the units sold target by 50%. 

As well as driving sales, the brand’s share of search increased by 7.7% in the first 6 months of the campaign, indicating the uplift in awareness and consideration.

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