Anywhere is Possible: Remote working from Gold Coast

By Rob Griffiths,

The Digital Nomad Dream

Following a fairly unsuccessful time spent working remotely from Byron Bay (read about it here) I took a trip up to Gold Coast to continue my East Coast adventure.

When people think of a digital nomad, the image that normally comes to mind is a laptop on a beach looking out to a deep blue ocean. This is the dream that many people chase when they up sticks to pursue the nomad lifestyle. Due to a stroke of luck with a free upgrade, I was able to get a taste for this with an 18th floor ocean view apartment that had a large balcony perfect for working on. I could get used to this.

Digital Nomad Dream: The sort of desk that makes many pursue a remote working lifestyle.

Working Remotely in Gold Coast

Host of the 2018 Commonwealth games, Gold Coast is a popular tourist destination thanks to its long sandy beaches and great surfing spots. But how does it stack up as a place to work? I found it great, the fast internet speed in my apartment was a world away from the struggles in Byron. Due to the view from my apartment, and the fact I only spent a few days here, I must admit I didn’t test out any other places to work – although with high speed internet readily available you would imagine there are plenty of options.

Living in Gold Coast

There’s also plenty to do in Gold Coast, it has a very touristy feel to it with both a Sea World and a Dreamworld amongst the many attractions. If you like water-sports then you’re spoiled for choice with plenty of adrenaline inducing experiences such as a water-jetpack ride on offer. Gold Coast is also home to surfers paradise which doesn’t really need much explaining!

One of the things I was most impressed with in Australia was the availability and low cost of the public transport. Due to the size of the country getting between cities is obviously quite an effort, but once you’re in one it’s easy to get around. As with the Opal card in Sydney, Brisbane has its own Go Card that lets you travel on a rail network that extends from Sunshine Coast north of Brisbane, all the way down to Gold Coast below it. Once in Gold Coast there is a tram line that will take you across the city.

Gold Coast Digital Nomad score: 6/10

I really enjoyed Gold Coast, although I feel this was enhanced by the relief of finding somewhere with a reliable internet connection after the struggles in Bryon, and the apartment I was upgraded to really was something special – it took nearly two minutes to walk around it! In general it strikes me as more of a holiday destination than somewhere to base yourself for a significant period of time. Being just over an hour from Brisbane on the train, it may be best served as a weekend destination when living in the bigger city.