Anything is Possible announces partnership with Fenestra

By Sam,

We’re delighted to have formed a long-term partnership with Fenestra the global, enterprise-grade technology network, with best-in-class distributed-ledger technology. This partnership enhances our capability to provide advertisers with real-time, total transparency across all media channels making it possible to improve the efficiency of ad campaigns.

When we created Anything is Possible we pledged to provide advertisers with the most up-to-date technology to measure performance without the need to integrate multiple measurement, viewability, and ad fraud technology solutions. The partnership with Fenestra enhances this capability by using cutting edge blockchain technology.

By creating a line of sight between marketing tactics and resulting performance, Anything is Possible is able to make better decisions to optimise brands’ media campaigns regardless of channel and budgets driving increased financial performance.

We’re very excited by our partnership with Fenestra, and the potential it has for improving ad trading standards. At Anything is Possible our clients see what we see. We believe transparency leads to better performance and a more efficient and effective supply chain. Fenestra’s platform makes this a reality as we continue to ensure a secure and trusted marketplace for our clients.

Marco Ricci, Managing Director, Fenestra says “we applaud Anything is Possible for adopting Blockchain early, and seeing the value and efficiency it will bring their Media Buying. Our ability to report transactions through the whole supply chain is a great fit with the Agency’s vision for a more transparent media future.”