Breaking Free of the Shackles That Constrain Digital Media Performance

By Sam,



aip steps into the digital media industry empowering brands to break free from the transparency issues that plague their relationships with traditional media agencies

Today, brands are actively seeking to partner with new media companies that are free of the fettered media planning and buying practices that exist in traditional agencies. After the recent speight of revelations about the lack of transparency and trust between brands and their media agencies, aip offers a revolutionary approach to media planning and buying.

aip’s commitment to brands is to reduce the cost of outsourced media buying, to provide fully transparent reporting and to create highly engaging audience-focused media campaigns that capture the heart of consumers.

With lean teams of senior digital specialists and state of the art technology, brands are able to measure the performance of digital media campaigns in a fully transparent way, driving unparalleled levels of performance.

aip’s founding partners, have over 2 decade’s experience in both online and offline media and have worked on a number of high-profile global accounts including ASOS, Barclays, MTV, Heathrow, EDF Energy, LEGO and Apple.

BIMA president, Natalie Gross, is pleased to welcome Anything is Possible to the BIMA fold. “Every additional member gives BIMA a stronger voice, and enables us to drive more innovation and excellence across the digital industry, in every part of the country. I’m delighted to welcome aip to BIMA.”

BIMA connects the thought leaders, champions and change makers of Britain’s digital economy, driving innovation and excellence across the industry. As a BIMA member, aip will contribute to the digital industry via initiatives such as Digital Day, which sees businesses inspiring young people to explore careers in digital.

Nationally, BIMA membership enables aip to drive the digital agenda in areas such as technology, creative innovation, young talent and diversity all of which are vital to get right if brands are to thrive.

“The digital media ecosystem is at a tipping point and traditional media agencies are struggling to cope with the pace of change. We’ve built aip on the principles that matter to brands today, not the outdated, hierarchical, bureaucracy and commercials traditional agencies are unable to shake off. ”  Mark Raymond, Co-Founder, Anything is Possible.