Advertising Unlocked: a day with the future generation

By Chloe Hague,

Advertising Unlocked pens image

What is your favourite advert and why? 

We asked this to 16 students from Felpham Community College to kick off an advertising fueled day at aip.

On Friday the 27th September, students from advertising related A Level courses such as business, IT and marketing visited us for an Advertising Unlocked workshop.

Advertising Unlocked is a scheme run by The IPA, whereby once a year, top UK advertising and media agencies welcome in the next generation of industry professionals from schools and colleges across the UK, revealing how campaigns are formulated from initial brief to creative output.

Myself, Lily – Strategy and Planning Partner, Lois, Data Analyst and Andy, Creative Director put together a series of tasks which involved the students creating a hypothetical campaign.

Lily first introduced aip as an agency & what we stand for…Find out more here.

We then introduced them to a brand. We gave them a brief which outlined clear measurable objectives the brand wanted to achieve through this campaign. The first challenge was to filter through 8 detailed audience personas. They had to identify commonalities and find points of difference that could inform their comms planning. They were tasked to condense the audiences into 3 main groups, allowing them to identify the most efficient and effective way of media buying and minimising crossover.

Secondly, the students were shown GWI (GlobalWebIndex) a market research tool we use that provides audience insights to help us understand how to target consumers. The students coded an audience using commonalities from the brand’s provided audience personas and together we built a chart showing the audiences brand discovery data. The students learnt that their audience were more likely to discover brands through social media and cinema adverts.

Lily Advertising Unlocked

With this information, we gave them a fictitious rate card….

Mock up rate card

From this ‘shopping list,’ they were tasked to provide a strategic media plan based upon what they know about their audiences brand discovery preferences, they also provided a rationale as to why they chose each media at different times.

12:30pm – Lunch, and of course we had to share the best pizza in Brighton: Fatto a Mano (the real highlight to the day).

The final task of the day was Andy proposing that the students create a video, poster and radio advertisement plan to support their campaign. The students thought outside the box – their imagination and creativity produced unique ideas that impressed us all.

Chloe and Lois with students

After completing all three tasks the students were asked to stand at the front and present their ideas in a pitch-like manner.

Overall, it was a great day. It was lovely to see how keen and engaged the innovative students were. If this is the future generation of advertising & media, we’re in luck.

It’s good to know that they are also possiblists…. 

Anything is Possible, Advertising Unlocked 2019